Babies Came From Storks And Dinosaurs From Egg Noodles

My sister was telling me one of her most memorable patients in the delivery room. Each time I would hear her say, “Ay, ito may patient ako… [See here, I have a patient who…]” I am already preparing myself for  a good laugh.

This time she told me of a patient who was delivering her seventh baby. That is not fourth or fifth. Seventh. Just like dinosaurs and crocodiles. But apparently, the woman showed no signs that she was a veteran of the delivery room at all, and she was having such a hard time at labor and it was really a difficult birth.

There were a lot of screams and wails. Who knew delivery just turns harder and harder as you go nearer a dozen kids? Maybe that is why those with enough sense stick to two, three kids. It was proving to be really hard and you can imagine the tension mixed with curiosity inside the delivery room.

But I guess what is more surprising was what the woman did the moment the baby was pulled out of her…

She suddenly propped herself up to a sit and she asked the doctor casually, “Magkano ho yung babayaran namen [How much will we be paying?]

12 thoughts on “Babies Came From Storks And Dinosaurs From Egg Noodles

  1. .. haha likely habang nanganganak yun nagcocompute na ng hospital bill. lol!

    .. had a funny story too when i had my internship at fabella. sabi ng doktora kay “mommy” baka gusto na nya magpaligate kasi she just delivered her 13th child (my jaw dropped when i heard it!), ang sagot ni nanay, “hay naku baka magalit po asawa ko”! 😀

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