Breaking Chopsticks And The Evening News In Taiwan

My sister was watching Next Stop Happiness [Autumn’s Concerto] the other night, a Taiwanese drama, in English sub.

I peeked in and it was the strangest thing to see  a string of Chinese characters on the left side vertically moving while the soap was playing. Seeing that my sister cannot be disturbed even if a train suddenly crossed behind her, I asked my friend what for was the vertical string:

PM: May tanong pala ko. Bakit yung mga Chinese na soap opera, sa Chinese talaga may mga intsik na umaandar sa gilid? [Question. Why do Chinese soap operas play while a string of vertical Chinese characters show up on the side?]

Eko: Parang satin mga news, mga ads, ganun. [They are news banners, like the ones we have here.]

PM: Lagi-lagi? Vertical sa left side? [All the time? Appearing vertical, on the left side?]

Eko: Hindi satin diba sa baba. Oo, usually pag prime time yung show tapos news kasunod may ganun. Sa lahat ba? [With us, the news banners appears below the screen. In Chinese it is on the side, shown when the news is coming next. Do you see it often?]

PM: Ewan. Di naman ako nanunuod ng Chinese. Hindi ko naiintindihan. [Idk. I do not watch Chinese shows. I don’t understand it.]

14 thoughts on “Breaking Chopsticks And The Evening News In Taiwan

  1. Arabs write from right to left and the Chinese I believe write from top to bottom 🙂 I also think that characters could be :

    a. close-caption subtitles for the hearing imparied
    b. subtitle in Cantonese for those non-Mandarin speakers 😉

    ako man – hindi ako sanay sa vertical subtitle siguro. Masyadong distraction.

  2. I agree with your friend. Ganun talaga ang positioning ng ads sa Chinese media. It follows rin kase the way they write the letters/words, characters are written from top to bottom.

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