5 Things That Have Triggered Temporary Insanity

My friend told me my sanity has a monthly expiration date. I never thought of it that way. All I knew was that I turn idiot from time to time without warning. I did not notice that it was as regular as every four weeks or so.

I really do not know what causes it but as far as I know PMS is definitely one. Maybe a shortage of Toblerone cheesecake is another (ehem)… What else?

An impossible weekly workload perhaps? I do not know, I like what I do, most days. Impossible teammates? Probably. They can lose it from time to time too.

Boredom is another culprit that is for sure. And maybe the way time slows when it is near pay day.

So help me God.

27 thoughts on “5 Things That Have Triggered Temporary Insanity

  1. sis, in my case, i think, even though i dont have PMS, I’m still insane. lol. thanks for a very nice ice creamy afternoon. πŸ˜‰

    • lol i get it from my favorite coffee shop, they make it themselves. i wish i could bake something like that and i would share it to you of course!

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