The Haunting Of 2011

I will never understand what a videoke machine is doing at a wake.

When the time comes for me to pass on, I will make sure to haunt anyone who dares to put a videoke machine on my wake, and I will kill even those who attempt to sing.

Do you think I enjoy hearing your rendition of My Way? Christ.

Some people are just so inconsiderate.

20 thoughts on “The Haunting Of 2011

  1. eto na kanta nya ngayon, “himilaaaaaaaaaaaaa, kasalanan baaaaannggg humingi ako sa langit ng isang himala”. Jeez ate. our neighbor is driving me crazyyyyy.

  2. .. likely gusto nila may videoke rin when it’s their time to lay on a coffin, hehe.

    .. pm join my blog contest, i’m giving away a portable speaker. 🙂

  3. that’s a money-making scheme PM…

    i remember my lola. she said that there should be no sugal in her wake (which is so uso sa probinsya). kung hindi daw, mumultuhin nya lahat ng andun! he he!

    • i think there is a move para ipagbawal na talaga ang mga sugal sa burol. tama lang naman iyon eh. isa pa, ayoko namang multuhin kayo, haha!

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