What To Do In An Orthopedic Clinic

Being workaholic has its downsides and one of them includes developing terribly painful frozen muscles. PM now has to attend regular physical therapy sessions on the city’s orthopedic clinic or else I risk dying like a statue.

Now attending therapy sessions can be boring take a lot of time so your mind can really wander a lot. The first time I was there I was thinking of things I can do while the therapy is on going. Surprisingly, the first thing that I thought was to bring work there. Genius, right? Sometimes I ask myself if I do have subconscious thoughts on suicide. Christ.

Anyhow, today I had a better idea. I can just compose my entry to rob’s contest which I will win on the weekend. I meant mentally compose, happy?

My flavors of the month:

Seen – My flavor of the month when it comes to catnip is definitely Scotty McCreery. If you have been here more than once, you know why.

HeardChris Medina’s “What Are Words” just move me to tears each time I hear it because I can feel his passion for every word. The Almighty Whiskers bless that guy’s heart.

Smelt – I tried to Google what is smelt and it said it produces metal from its ore. Now how can I relate to that when I am a carnivore? If we are talking about smells here, it is definitely deep fried chicken. Can you imagine life without deep friend chicken? Uh-uh, no way.

Felt – Cat’s fur.

Tasted – I love the taste of salary on payday, if you can taste that!

11 thoughts on “What To Do In An Orthopedic Clinic

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  2. hey, who doesn’t love the taste of salary on payday? haha! it’s human nature, right? 😀 however for us working here in penang, it only comes once a month.:(
    imagine the excitement it brings…
    darn, i suddenly miss payday!

    ps : good luck on my good friend’s contest. fyi, i’ve known him for 18 years and counting so i am eliminated by default 😦

  3. when i read you wanted to bring your work to your therapy, i was laughing and thinking, “has PM gone insane?” but then i remembered you already are! he he! peace!

    it was sad to see chris medina go. i believe he would have brought more “soul” to the show. but then, it is a singing competition, and he’s not really the strongest singer. but i wish him well in life.

    • i just wish i can do something while the session goes on. ang tagal talaga kg! i like chris. but i think there are better singers. but i think chris is better than giovanni, tsk. sino na favorite mo kg?

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