On Dating Pres. Noynoy

I was Googling ‘on a date’ photos, for work, and I was surprised when I scrolled down and found a photo of Pres. Aquino on page 2. That is sure a high ranking ‘on a date’ photo.

The caption read, “PNoy says he will go on a date this Valentines Day.”

Now I am not sure if that is something interesting, or somehow embarrassing… Because for all I know I can Google solving world hunger and a photo of President Obama would come up, or maybe resolving the nuke crisis in Japan and Naoto Kan pops up.

You know what, maybe I should just not go there. 😀

15 thoughts on “On Dating Pres. Noynoy

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  2. PM, believe or not, a lot of people are interested in our president’s love life! naku talaga! add kris aquino, who always says she will refrain from commenting on her kuya’s love life but does so anyway, in to the picture…the talk will never end!

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