The Road Less Traveled Is So For A Reason

It is graduation season once more and this year there are three in our family, though the last one is by default.

Last Thursday, we attended the graduation ceremonies of my aunt’s primary school and as special awards were being handed to kids, I realized I will never get the following ribbons in this lifetime:

  • Most attentive – My attention span measures to that of the interest a monoblock chair has for a rock.
  • Most cheerful – My friend thinks I am highly bipolar.
  • Most patient – Now this is just a joke. *rolls eyes*

I cannot remember how many graduation speeches I have written, to be used byΒ someone else. But if there is any advice I can give to those taking the plunge, well, let’s see…

The road less traveled is so for a reason and that reason is not always pretty, logical, or kind to your body and spirit. But if you want your life to be as fruitful and likeable as you want it to be, JUST WING IT no matter how odd it may seem. A little craziness is always appreciated in this life.

I mean, look at me. I put down a career in writing in uni for nursing, only God knows why, but guess who is having the last laugh now?

Happy graduation to Batch 2011, specially to Kulot, the future Dr. Fajardo, and to my Man, who is doing it for the second time. So proud of everyone! πŸ˜€

27 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled Is So For A Reason

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  2. most attentive ? how can you measure ? I had a habit of staring at the blackboard while my mind is in some Turkish harem πŸ™‚

    • thank you sheng. i think the best thing about going the road less traveled is the part where there are not much foot prints there. πŸ™‚

  3. Bigla ko tuloy hinalungkat sa baul (ng memorya) kung anong special award ang meron ako, Most Polite hahahaha. Congratulations to the graduates from your circle!

    • most polite? that is a nice award! ako on good days siguro pwede ko yang makuha, pero tsamba lang yun o kaya wala ng ibang choice! πŸ˜†

    • hindi ko alam kung talkative ako kg, pero sabi ng teacher ko nung elementary talkative daw ako! πŸ˜† i agree, pwede ka nga sa most cheerful, most pretty din, naks!

  4. though you didn’t fit well in those categories, ill give you some awards that I think only you have the right to claim..

    Most Prolific – in every thing that you do…

    Most In love – to your equally in love soon-to-be husband

    Most Lukaret – for coming up with ridiculous articles that mirror life as a really really outrageous thing…

    cheers to the prinsesa..

    • ano ba yung ibig sabihin ng prolific? πŸ˜† dyos ko soon-to-be na talaga ano? lukaret? how can i argue with that when i have this blog as proof? cheers nga! sana lang yung tunay naman at makasama naman ako sa kitakits ng mg augat puno! miss kita sir jobe πŸ™‚

  5. Haha, magbabago naman yang mga batang yan pagdating ng panahon. Dati nga, nakuha ko Most Behaved. Malayo na yun sa katotohanan ngayon. Kaya ayun, nung HS, Loyalty Award nalang ako.

    It’s better to be half crazy. Or quarter crazy. Just make sure there’s craziness mixed up in your life. One of my mottos. Craziness is interesting. It might even save the world.

    • hey i like your motto! your name is perfect! at least you have half sanity in you, πŸ˜† most behaved? i think i can win that award, though it will be very challenging, but i think i can… if i slept the whole while the grading is being made.

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