VIP – Very *toot* Person

This morning, Vice President Binay was the guest of honor at my sister’s graduation at the only state university in Bataan. You would think it was a great honor for everyone but really, there are a lot of words to describe what just happened and it can be difficult to find the word honor amongst them.

Ask anyone there and you’d know that from the beginning of the processional up to the end of the ceremonies it was a pain. If you ask most of the parents there, they’d tell you it would be better to get a Baranggay Captain as the guest of honor than a huge VIP that needed the AFP to secure the area.

Can you believe there were students, both with honors and none, whose parents were not allowed to go inside because of the security protocols? Can you imagine parents, who were returning OFWs stuck outside the venue? What would you say when you see an honor student crying because her mother was not able to get in?

For crying out loud, it is the honor and privilege of  the parents, family, and friends to see their loved ones come up that stage and graduate, especially with honors. It is the parents who toiled, got buried in debt, for four years, some maybe even more than that, just to see this event and then something like this happens. Even if Santa Claus is the guest of honor, naturally the graduate would still choose his father and mother to hand him or her the award.

You know what, I should stop. I need to take medications for high blood pressure.

37 thoughts on “VIP – Very *toot* Person

    • ewan ko ba, sa pagkakasarado naman ng lugar kahit may sumigaw lang ng bomba don patay pa din lahat kahit fake lang dahil sa stampede.

  1. that was nasty! di na cute ang mga ganyan. tsk. tsk. and to think pinaghirapan ng mga parents and sabik2x sila sa big event tapos di makapasok sa gate?? mag eeskandalooo akooo!!!! 😦

  2. naku po. vp pa yan ganyan na umasta. paano naman kung siya ang maging presidenta natin 5 years from now.

    i’d appreciate more if yung kinuhang guest speaker ay alumni ng school na naging successful. insirasyon yun sa mga kabataan.

  3. That kind of shit has been in the Filipino context since then. I don’t think someone would favor that VP to be the guest if all knew that tragedy was about to happen. The kind of democracy we have doesn’t go with the political tangent of the country. I don’t anymore trust the government and the political minions governing the system. It’s full of dirty rotten shits inside.

    Good day folk.

  4. tsk tsk tsk. i remember he was the first one to break the no wang wang policy of Pnoy a day after it was announced. i do not know how he got a high approval rating.

  5. i feel very bad for the families that did not get to watch their children graduate from the university. this is so wrong on many levels. i am sorry that it happened at such an important event in your lives.

  6. i cannot imagine that parents would not be allowed to see their children graduate from university. it seems so… unfair and random.
    i am sorry that this happened to you and to the students.

  7. thats a bummer! imagine, years mo pinaghirapan pag aralin anak mo tapos di ka lang makakakpasok fahil sa guest speaker! sya ba nagpa aral?

    hay PM…nakakataas nga ng blood pressure. believe me, if i were one paremt stuck outside, i would have made a scene!

  8. That’s very unfortunate and torture for the parents and the children. VP Binay was here in Abu Dhabi weeks ago and he visited Filipino schools and met with the foreign affairs officials. He was relatively unescorted. To be fair though, his visit gave good results as to strengthening the welfare of the Filipinos here. I just didn’t like the part that he spoke a bit about the coming elections.

    • i think there are always two sides to everything involving politicians, sigh. but what can you expect? minsan nakakawalang gana talaga eh.

  9. I agree. I don’t think that the guest of honor or the guest speaker is one big thing in graduation ceremony. I believe that the whole ceremony is more of that. It’s a ceremony to acknowledge the students’ as well as their parents’ hardships just to finally graduate.

    Oh dear, pahinga siguro katapat jan. Ang puso natin, alagaan. Tsaka, lalabas na yang wrinkles, hala ka. haha.

    • that’s true. wala namang prestige na nakukuha yung students kahit sino pa yung speaker sa program nila, sa paaralan yun, at kung disaster lang ang mangyayari, i do not see the point completely. ay nako tumataas na naman ang presyon ko 😡 pero tama ka, ang wrinkles. 😆 hmmm… but i’m too young for wrinkles for at 23 so sige, galit pa, galit! 😉

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