Toblerone Rock Cake And A Plate Full Of Veggie Goo-d

Since rob has made back to back progress with his 10 things I have not done before list, I thought I should be competitive and go on a roll too after nailing number two a few months back.

Last week, My Man celebrated his birthday and for a change I did not buy him anything. Well, not gifting my Babe is clearly not a part of the list but baking surely is so why don’t you scratch 4 on my list, yeah?

It may look cute but I must warn you, it does not taste good. LOL. Well, it does technically, but after making it I placed it on the fridge and it became so hard the next day instead of being a white Toblerone cake it felt more like that Hagrid used to make, you know, rock cakes.

But My Man is a very sweet guy so he still ate it and when Mother Goose gave the left over to my aunt he even felt kind of bad about it. Well at least he collected the candles so that is good enough. He kept on asking me to bake for him again, and maybe I would after my self-esteem glues back together again after this rock cake.

And, I mentioned back to back achievements right? You will be blown away by this one and you can’t imagine the horror I felt while doing it.

Is it number 3? Is it number 7? No.

It is number 1.

I ate a meal of strict veggies for lunch yesterday and if my sisters and My Man were not looking I swear I could have cried. It was a veggie plate straight from my biggest nightmares, but yes, I did eat it.

It was coconut milk and squash, string beans, okra, and egg plants I think.  I tried not to look and be critical about it. I just took one damn spoonful after the other while cursing inside my head.

But I think my stomach has forgiven me about it. We are still alive so it is water under the bridge.

33 thoughts on “Toblerone Rock Cake And A Plate Full Of Veggie Goo-d

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  4. nice looking cake and happy bday to your man 🙂

    Haven’t done it yet but I will go to a veggie buffet restaurant soon. Kahit walang sasama – I’ll go by myslef. 😉

  5. wow wow wow! so 3 from the list down na? and 7 more to go? 🙂

    keep on baking!!! and you’ll be a pro!! tapos pag visit kami dyan pa bake kami sa yo! hehe. 🙂 and congrats with the veggies 🙂 im slowly trying to transition from being a meat eater to vegetarian. ang hirap pa!

    • i will try. it is difficult! yes, 3 down, a lot to go but it is a very exciting thing! vegetarian? i’ll pray for your soul tina.

      • haha. thanks ill be needing that. i have this catholic priest who tells me.. i have to if i want to study metaphysics. whew. 🙂

        im starting with no pork, less beef and chicken.. more fish and “loads” of veggies 😛

      • nyahaha
        i could just imagine

        btw, please send me an sms
        globe screwed up and invalidated my sim
        all my contacts are gone

        part pala yan ng dapat na fb message ko sayo

        may post pala ako about hands
        fascinated ka sa mga kamay, diba?
        comment na

        happy easter!!!

        • i learned that even baking on tv is not real, nyahaha, okay sige forward ko na lang. ano kaya ginawa mo para mainvalidate ang sim mo? 😯

    • candles shaped like cupcakes ceemee. they look pretty cool right? 🙂 next time maybe i’ll try making individual tiny cupcakes than a big rock cake. 😆

  6. *my 5th attempt to comment. my connection is so sucky.*

    When I was in high school (we used to attend the same high btw), I had this preference that I would only marry a girl if she know how to bake or cook. Your man is lucky. :]

    And teka. You really like the Journalist theme ah.

    • 5th attempt? wow thanks for the love, my friend, really appreciate it. alam mo dapat magtayo na tayo ng org ng bloggers sa bataan, do you know a lot? i can’t get off the journalist theme, i’m aspergers. i am stuck to it.

        • sa bpsu? i do not know any other blogger besides me, you, my sister with a dead blog, and my other friend, with a dead blog too.

          • Aaw. I thought, maraming blogger sa BC. Anyway, I just like to let you know that many years ago, I was really with one of my blogs on blogspot. And I came to know WP because of one your TD articles with your blog link on it. :]

            • idk, maybe there are but we do not know of them. hey, that is so cool. i think wordpress is more user friendly, don’t you agree? i have used other providers, for work, but i think wordpress rocks most.

  7. bake some more PM! you’ll get the hang of it! 🙂

    by the way, i got your present! it was sooo cool! i’ll take a pic of it being used and email it to you! thanks so, so much PM! you’re so sweet! mwah!

  8. .. your post made me laugh, haha! i’ll take your word for it that the poor cake wasn’t good, but still you were able to prove that it was edible (LOL!). eating veggies ain’t that bad pm.. eat some more! 😀

    .. fyi, i’ve done four in my list (will blog the other ones soon!) which leaves me 6 more things to do w/in the year, hehe. 🙂

    • the icing was good, the cake part was… edible. 😆 four ka na? i should keep up! 3 pa lang ako! haha! ang galing talaga ng idea mo na to, the best!

    • i remember that einstein fudge brownie you made! sana makagawa din ako nun! 😆 but scotty has hair na ngayon, my babe is always kalbo 😆 but still… 😉

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