Coming In Second

After my now famous Toblerone rock cake, I tried to salvage my self-esteem and give baking another try. This has a lot to do with all of your encouragement, if I may add, and this is how it went:

It is a chocolate with cashew cake and I know it looks good… and it tastes good! I cannot tell you how proud I am of myself. I tried doing it for three consecutive days and they all came out right, just to prove that striking the first time was not an accident.

My Babe and Kulot helped me out and it was such a thrill! We enjoyed making it as much as we did eating it! This really made me very happy and if your birthday is coming up, just let me know.

I am so glad I gave baking another go because now I can tell that I will not stop baking. My next target is a nice and smooth cheesecake!

Also I know you have seen Memento Mori, so now I give you Strong:

It is a good reminder for us all, that the best hand that we can ever get is always the one at the end of our arm. Have a great week ahead everyone!


28 thoughts on “Coming In Second

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    • it’s not hard. if i can do it, you can too. i think baking is easier because you just have to follow it and it will cook itself.

  3. PM!!! its great a thing that you gave it a second shot! and ta-da!! sabi nga nila no one usually does it right the first time! soo… you inspire me with this post.

    would want to try them! yayyy!!

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