Less Is More

I am a very intense person. This is nothing intentional, in fact it annoys me too. I thrive in high pressure environments and for a very boring person, I am quite busy. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am a microorganism that works on the digestive system, on which particular part, I try not to think about that.

But lately, I have discovered that doing more does not mean you are more. It only means you are sure going to be burned out pretty soon. I found that taking out the unessential in your life and sticking with what is only good and ample is the key. It does not hurt to take things slow, or be slow.

In the past, I would do everything as if the devil is chasing me. Heck, I would even ask my Babe to drive faster! I worked with impossible deadlines and I pushed myself to the limit. Sure, it made me very high functioning but it also drained the hell out of me.

Recently, I decided to make slow my new priority. The results were drastic. I spend more time with my family, I get to have quality time with my Babe, I even learned how to bake and boy, I can bake! (cinnamon rolls, anyone?)

I feel more alive, surprisingly, by doing less. Hmmm… I do not think it is really doing less, less, but doing only what is important and letting go of what is not.

It feels great. You should try it.

Note: Sorry if the litter box has been cobwebbed for quite sometime! I was doing some R&R, obviously. I will visit you soon! šŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Less Is More

  1. i agree… one needs to prioritize. i think I have that same kind of energy you have. Stressful, pero it is a bit of a thrill though, isn’t it?

    Thanks for visiting my page!

  2. This is a wonderful post! I am trying to take it easy too, now that I have more work to do. Without a helper, I need to sweep and mop the floor, clean the toilet, wash the dishes, iron the kids’ clothes and bedsheets, bathe and feed the kids, plan and cook meals, etc. I am doing them little by little, with the most urgent and most important the priority. Like what I read in a blog post, she’s not doing it all, she’s doing the most important first and the rest falls into place, like juggling things on the to-do list and deciding which ball must be dropped.

    • it can really be overwhelming without a helper ceemee, hang in there! kami this week lang ulit nagkaroon, super pagod talaga with chores! but you sure got it right. taking it one task at a time rocks. šŸ™‚

  3. Less is really more šŸ™‚ I think these days I am doing more of less šŸ™‚ which is considered as lazy by other people šŸ™‚ why care ? I love cinnamon role , one to go please šŸ˜›

  4. nice, it’s what they call work and life balance.. i tended to be like that before but heck, i realized, i was not gaining anything afterall..

    good for you. now, can i have one of those cinnamon rolls? šŸ™‚

  5. hi PM! i agree. i’ve been living like that for years actually. i refuse to be drifted away by “busyness.”

    life is happier when you take the “slow” road. and yes, it doesn’t necessarily mean less.

    • i have yet to practice eating slowly kg, pero i want to be good at it! ikaw ba, slow din kahit eating? therapeutic din yata iyon eh!

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