The Nurse Is Out

Earlier today, I was in my room going type-type on my laptop when Don Domeng came in and asked me to prepare my resume. I thought he was mistaking me for my sister, but still I asked why I should.

He told me that he would give it to his former classmate who works as a nurse in Canada. They had a reunion yesterday and I am guessing he might have dropped the fact that he has three registered nurses for daughters.

Looking back now, I thought my reaction was hilarious. After he mentioned the words “nurse”, “hospital” and “Canada” I became frantic and I said, “Ayoko nga! Hindi ako naghahanap ng trabaho! [I don’t want to! I’m not looking for a job!]”


28 thoughts on “The Nurse Is Out

    • hindi ako mukang nurse. kung anu-ano akong pinagkakamalan. merong psychologist, meron din namang writer talaga. bongga diba? sige itatanong ko ikaw na lang mag apply. hehe

  1. cool 🙂 Take your time.. you’re still young. no need to stress yourself. enjoy.. if you come to Canada, trabaho is trabaho mucho hehe 😉

  2. You should give your resume…….see what happens. Hindi naman porke you handed it aalis ka na or tanggap ka na. Where is your sense of adventure? Matagal din ang pag-process and if and when you get accepted, that’s when you decide if you want to leave or not. Subukan pamu bago mabalu….:)

    • i don’t know mama. in the past things like this has always been my problem. ang lagi ko pong problema paano kung matanggap ako, anong gagawin ko? isa pa po hindi ako qualified, wala po akong hospital experience. si abe po kasi iyon yung naging problem kaya hindi run kinuha yung resume niya.

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