No Fear

I think fear is cool. I mean the characteristic of fear, not being afraid.

Fear affects everyone and it does so effortlessly. It is a strong emotion and because it usually rests on the unknown, it makes you create your own demons. It’s a pretty powerful stuff, made especially with your own nightmares.

But fear is more than a negative emotion. It is also an arrow. It shows you that what you want is whatever is behind your greatest fear. This is always true. What will make you happy is whatever is behind your fears. You will have it when you conquer your fears.

It helps when you are clueless. Just think about your immediate fear or greatest fear and you know what you want just like that.Β In this case, fear is also a healthy emotion. It can be scary, but it can sometimes be good.

But of course, finding a way to conquer fear is completely another story.

23 thoughts on “No Fear

    • to a certain extent, yes, that is correct. the type of fear that leaves you paralyzed is of course, bad. hehehe. thanks ha, ang tagal ko pinag isipan kung magpapalit ba ko, alam mo naman, medyo autistic, mahirap pag nakasanayan na, hehehe.

    • depende! πŸ˜† i think it happens when the fear you have is the good kind, the kind that motivates you to conquer it. not yung super fear na ikaw yung natatalo.

    • hi ceemee i did not make this, it is a template available for wordpress. it is called inuit types by bizzartic. i think when you add photos na wide sa posts mo ang lalabas sa main page parang magazine na may photos above a blurb off the content, mas maganda.

        • you have a wordpress too? how come i have not been there? you can just look up the theme and activate it. it is clean din no? i have stuck with my old theme for so long i thought it would be good to change it up a bit. but i’m still black and white, hehehe.

    • it poses a challenge for us to grow. if only everyone has the guts to master their fears they will have more fulfillment.

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