Lunch With Buddha And Noodle Enlightenment

I spent the weekend with a Thai friend who was a Buddhist. I was curious about her religion because my cousin who introduced me to her was able to go to her place in Thailand and has told me very interesting stories.

Of course, the stories of my cousin were littered with silliness and humor, like how his knees almost gave way from too much kneeling. But at the end of it, I think our religion has similarities. After all, there is a huge chance that we are all praising the same God, only made different by the culture one is born in.

But what is more interesting though was the question my friend threw me the other day. He asked if I was an atheist because I mentioned I was a free thinker. I told him since when did the two become the same and he told me about the traditional meaning of free thinking.

If I am going to be ancient, he has a very good point. But you know what, my free thinking goes beyond the traditional meaning of free thinking. I just think freely, meaning, my mind is an open source, and surprise, I do not care what free thinking means traditionally.

Besides, I think it will take a lot to make me an atheist. I do not find contesting the existence of something I do not even believe exists sane.

17 thoughts on “Lunch With Buddha And Noodle Enlightenment

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  2. ganyan talaga mga tao. mahilig mag assume. 🙂 sometimes they think im an atheist whenever they ask me where i go to church… and i say.. “i don’t”. 🙂

    • 😆 i think we all have different ways of expressing our spirituality and it is all about respecting each other’s beliefs.

  3. .. yes, respect one’s belief – kung trip nya ba sambahin yung kalabaw, e problema na nya yun.

    .. speaking of kalabaw, you still have 6 months to get a cow! hehe.

  4. you know, most people assume i’m an atheist. i really don’t know why. i don’t often speak of religion and God, and speak of some other issues, but I don’t get why it makes people think i’m a nonbeliever. haha.

    • ewan ko ba, siguro assuming lang talaga ang ibang tao. but it doesn’t matter naman, what they think as long as you know who you really are 🙂

  5. religion is always a delicate topic to talk about. do you know how many wars have been fought over the centuries because of, and in the name of, this topic alone? 🙂

    it is also amazing to note that for all the teachings about peace and love that is in the scriptures, the three main monotheistic religions have the bloodiest histories.

    for sure, no religion can save a person, what we do in our daily lives does.

  6. if all the people around the world are free thinkers, there would be no wars against each other’s religion.

    it’s very ironic that we are fighting in what we believe wherein we only believe in one God or in other religions call them Allah, Buddha, etc.

    • that is true. personally, me and my religion has been attacked once. i did not say anything back. i was being all zen about it. i knew answering back would only mean a longer discussion. i mean, it was not my fault his world view is so limited right?

  7. for me, religion is a preference…we all believe in something, in a higher being, iba iba nga lang. the point is, we have to respect each other’s preference. 🙂

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