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PM is still alive.

Well, what can I say, “I’ve been busy?” 😆

Anyway, first of, I would like to say thanks to everyone who still dropped by and talked to me while I’m in transit.

So an update of what has been going on:

1. I’m selling cupcakes and cinnamon rolls online now 🙂 My shop’s name is Tooth Fairy’s. Well, it is not a shop. More of an album on my Facebook profile. I am not seriously doing business though. I am in it for fun, for now. But after receiving tons of others weekly, I am trying to consider early retirement. 😀

2. After hearing of Tooth Fairy’s, my Mama Jasmin bought me an oven. Thank you very much po!

3. My electric mixer has broken twice now. Once on a day where I had a storm of orders. Now I know what is a near death experience.

4. I went to the Metro early of the month but I missed meeting up with Denoy and GB. And no, Denoy, it is not my fault. It is yours. 😆

5. It may come as a surprise to you Rob, but yes, I have a cow already. The cow is a female and her name is… Cow. So on to the next items on my 10 things I have not done before list!

6. I have started a small business of ice scramble in my Aunt’s private school. Has anyone ever heard of somebody getting rich from selling flavored ice and trimmings?

7. I changed the theme of my blog to the old one because I cannot make it work and I stopped posting for some unknown reason when I changed the lay out. Must be the Aspergers.

8. Oh my how I missed everybody!

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  3. wow online business. Congrats PM. Ang hirap ng di ba, pero masaya yung nga lang what you said kaloka pag dumadami na yung orders.

    Cheers for the new oven pla

    • thanks jeanny. it is difficult to use the new oven. have to practice a lot and make friends with it. hehehe. but now we are starting to get along but i think we still need a lot of bonding moments! 😀

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  5. hey there. i’m sorry, but there must be something wrong with the way i taught you on how to go about the featured image and stuff? anyway, this theme still looks great.

    you are such an entrepreneur! 😀

    • no jayvie, i truly appreciate your help with the last theme. i know i bothered you a good deal while i was trying to work on it and thanks for putting up with me! 🙂 this is my old theme. i do not know how long i have kept this and it seems we will be sticking with each other for long too! 😀 i think i am trying to be an entrepreneur. i will update you when i think i already am. 😆 thanks again!

    • i could not make it work. there were supposed to be photos but i could not make them appear. 😆 i do not know what that makes me 😆

  6. .. she’s alive (parang bride of frankenstein lang! lol.)! goodluck on tooth fairy’s!

    .. i’m totally overwhelmed! meron ka na ngang cow?! i was assuming that it will be one of the hardest to achieve in your list , haha! teka, baka naman may “bakahan” na kayo sa bataan (or batanes, nakalimutan ko na) at kapapanganak nyang si “cow”!

    .. i need proof – patingin ng picture ni cow, dapat kasama ka, haha! 😀

    • tunay to no. sige ipopost ko yung photo ni cow, nasa phone ni don domeng. siya ang care taker ni cow. hindi ako nangdaya, bagong bili to no! tingnan mo pa yung resibo! 😆 nakakatuwa timing pa yung post ko at sayo din sa roller coaster. yun yata ang mahirap na gawin ko eh! nyahaha

    • very busy kg but i am trying to keep everything balanced. dapat good blog friend pa rin kahit may flour sa buhok at sa damit! 😀

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