Hi, I’m PM!

My ‘About Me blurb’ (that on the right :arrow:) has been changed twice since the construction of this litter box (Pooping in public since 2008, as the tagline goes). For some time, my mind has wondered about giving it a retouch. After all, it has been so long, and I would like to think I have actually changed after all this time.

Problem is, I cannot seem to construct a decent blurb. Each time I try, I end up thinking, “Well, that cannot be right.” You’d probably think making something up about yourself is practically the easiest thing to do online, but I figured not exactly. Here, I’ll show you some of my scratches:

“PM is a writer, a former chemistry instructor, former clinical instructor, and a cat in the past life. Once she thought her ideal guy is a cross between Scotty McCreery, Jakub Vagner, and  Ryan Reynolds but changed her mind after realizing that the result of such a cross is a wild Nile perch  with six pack abs and a North Carolina accent. She is the Tooth Fairy baker and she does not always talk sense but respects all life forms, with or without feet.”

“PM has an Air hand with a rectangular palm, long fingers, and protruding knuckles. If she is not writing she spends her time baking, reading books, surfing the web, and pretending watching movies with her Babe. Her favorite day of the week is Thursday and she hates raisins. She does not snore but has gout, anemia, MPS, and PMS, all at 23.”

“PM is a high functioning autistic who loves her routines and rituals and has issues breaking her mind set. She is a budding traveler who always ends up with shopping bags that weight more than she does. It is an abomination very dangerous to be around her when she is hungry or sleepy but it is only applicable for humans. She is very open minded and she does not always strive for happy endings. She believes in blessing in disguises and is at her happiest when there is a curled cat on her lap.”

“PM walks like a boy, does not know what is 12 x 12, and still goes nuts with cartoons. She loves Phineas and Ferb and her all time fave is The Addams Family which aired when she was probably 9. She has never moved on since. She once tried learning Mandarin and Malay at the same time but failed to remember a single expression from both languages, also at the same time.”

“PM talks with her mouth full, eats without poise, and likes to stare at pooping cats making brownies. She watches way too little TV and only knows three channels (Nat Geo, Disney, and Lifestyle Net) among around 40+ channels on cable TV. She is willing to try anything once and her special skills include an A+ in il bel far niente. She has the tendency to be bipolar, loves her family to pieces, but still is nobody’s angel.”

Hmm… maybe I should just reschedule this for another time. All this PM-this-and-that makes me feel like a piece of appliance at the department store.


26 thoughts on “Hi, I’m PM!

    • what is your favorite day? i like thursday simply because it is followed by friday. hehehe. i really do not like raisins but when i am very hungry i think i will eat a cookie with raisins. hahaha!

  1. Musang is a cat obsessed, baking aficionado, Scott McCreery loving blogger from Bataan.

    She is never afraid to speak her mind and can be annoyingly adorable in pointing out someone else’s flaw/s.

    Musang has a very wide grin when she smiles (parang redundant ire) and is the only person I know who refers to the significant other as “My Man.”

    She has Indian blood since she makes appointments she does not keep.

  2. teka ka
    babalikan kita
    gagawan kita ng write up

    btw, magandang idea for a contest ito
    what do you think of mussang contest
    winner gets free cupcakes


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