11 Days

Tell me, what is essential in life?

I know denoy just gave a lashing against happiness, and I do agree that he is always happy but hardly ever right people can be happy for all the wrong reasons. I do not always strive for happy endings for one and most movies that I actually ended up finishing are the tragic ones.

So really, where do you place the premium in life?ย Well, I cannot really say.

But all I know is that my wi-fi house has already been a dead spot for the past century 11 days. Living without the internet sucks, ESPECIALLY when you work online, damn it.

It is practically like being dead, or being alive inside a room where all the air has been taken out… so Smartbro, you know what you are.


27 thoughts on “11 Days

  1. hehehe i used to have smart bro too, prepaid nga lang. then i tried globe pero between the 2, smart is better. then my friend told me to try sun, which i did kaya ngayon sun ako. i tried their call and surf and super sulit sa akin ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. nyahaha
    special mention talaga

    btw, smart din kami sa bahay
    meron ako sun broadband when i’m away
    mas mabilis ang sun ko kesa sa smart

    i hate globe
    kaya never ko silang na-try

  3. .. i only depend on the office internet for connection. pag sa bahay (pinas) pldt dsl, pero di ko pa nasubukan ang smartbro.

    • kainis nga eh sheng. actually speaking of the devil kahapon, dumating, ginawa nila. kaso nasira yung configuration ng router ko so desktop lang ang may web, lahat ng laptop wala. hay nako…

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