Basilica de Sto. Nino, Cebu City: Understanding While Not Understanding

I went to Cebu with my friend Rem for the weekend and it was a great experience. For one, I finally reclaimed my blogging mojo, and after almost 20 days of constipation, I am pooping in The litter box again!

TURISTA is my backpack and my traveling companion. I would like to think that TURISTA is a he, but all the shopping that happens when he is around tells me that he is not a he but a she actually.

I think Cebu is a nice place altogether but I would not want to live there. Β It is a busy place, Β like a cleaner version of Manila, so it will not work out. LOL. There were many nice places we visited and I would like to start with the Basilica de Sto. Nino.

The Basilica de Sto. Nino is the first place we trooped to. It is near the Cebu Cathedral and a few steps away of Magellan’s cross. We heard the 6AM mass, literally we heard it because we could not understand a thing, lest the few English phrases the priest uttered during the sermon! But was it bad? No, in fact it gave me a very valuable experience.

As the first reading ended, a very interesting thing happened. There was this old lady who went to read next and she sang the Psalms off the bible. I did not know the Psalms were sung in Cebu masses and it was a very beautiful thing. The old lady sounded so beautiful, as if it was an angel singing. But Psalms were in Cebuano and my heart broke because it was so moving but I could not understand a thing.

The mass celebrated the Transfiguration of the Ginoo (I was surprised to find out that they call the Absolute “Ginoo”, because to us here in Luzon Ginoo means mister) and during the sermon, the same thing happened – it was in Cebuano. Still, I could not understand it! But the little that I could though told me it was a great sermon. The priest was really good and he also sang beautifully.

I was trying really hard not to show it to my friend, but I wanted to cry inside that church. I wanted to cry because I felt that I wanted the Absolute but I could not understand a thing being said about Him. I wanted to cry because inside me I felt so much longing that I cannot fill. I yearned to understand the words, the songs, but it simply cannot be. They were all too beautiful and so moving but I do not understand. It is every bit like hearing mass in China and thinking that masses in the country were said in Latin in the past is just upsetting!

But at the end of it, there was one thing that I learned. From this experience, I realized what it is like to long so bad for the Absolute, but even when I could not understand a thing, I felt that He is there. I may not understand Cebuano but if I look deep inside me, He is there and I could understand and most definitely I could feel every bit of that mass. That is what matters.

Up and coming: Fuerza de San Pedro, Cebu’s famous lechon, my first taste of artisan gellato, being lost in Carbon Market, Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel And Towers and insights in traveling by air.

BTW, this is my 350th post in three years πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Basilica de Sto. Nino, Cebu City: Understanding While Not Understanding

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  2. i visited cebu (for the first time and last i think) last May 9 this year. me too, i don’t think i can survive staying longer in cebu. the first place i visited was the cathedral church. Second was, the basilica church. i was with my friend rose and the mom of my other friend. the mom of my friend was our “tour guide”. i am not really a devoted RC. so di ko masyado na-appreciate yung mga traditional na gawain nila sa church. church visit lang ang ginawa namin. after lunch, pinuntahan namin ang magellan cross..

    • i also saw the cathedral but only after hearing mass. cebu is a nice place to go sight seeing. were you able to ride the extreme adventures at crown regency?

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  4. when i lived there more than a decade ago (haha) i used to take for granted the basilica de sto nino. id only visit the church when my parents come to visit or during sinulog time. you should try to attend the sinulog festival once in your lifetime. its quite an experience. nakakapagod lang maglakad because practically all the streets are closed. πŸ˜€

    • nagcompute ako kung ilang yung more than a decade ago πŸ˜€ gusto ko nga abutan ang sinulog, maybe next year. pero ang gusto kong puntahan next bohol talaga eh! i don’t mind walking. pero alam mo, pag uwe ko dito, two days sore ang binti ko! πŸ˜†

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  6. I saw your pictures and realize that I’ve to of been that very same cathedral. I it has been a long time, though. I too would never want to live in Cebu city. I believe that’s the same cathedral where they have the gazebo with the cross of Magellan. I would definitely love to go back and check it out again. Thank you for posting this article

    • really? that is cool! yes, the first photo is the cross actually. hmm.. if i am going back to cebu, i must say it has got to be for the sky experience and the lechon! have you tried lechon? it is roasted pig!

  7. I want to go there too!Although some of my friends said there’s not much to be seen in Cebu, I would still want to visit the place. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ms. PM. πŸ™‚

    • it depends kung ano ang trip mo, tapos hindi matagalan. siguro yun yung okay sa kaniya, kahit sandali ka lang magstay dun sulit naman. edge coaster lang sulit na eh! πŸ˜€

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