Cebu Tourist Spots: Magellan’s Cross, Fuerza De San Pedro, And The Taoist Temple

When my friend and I decided to go to Cebu, we tried to brainstorm about places to visit. We really did not come up with much. The only one we named was Magellan’s cross, and unless you count danggit (dried fish) and dried mangoes, well… we really did not know much. Thank God for Google.

Probably one of the most known tourist spots in Cebu is Magellan’s Cross. It is only a few steps outside the Basilica de Sto. Nino, in front of the municipal hall. It is not really much of a place, rather a gazebo-like structure where the cross of Magellan was planted all those years back.

The original cross is said to be inside the wooden structure that you can see and touch. I know it is not polite to start a conspiracy theory, but I wonder if the original cross is really still inside? You can never really tell, can you?

Another historic place that you can visit very near the Magellan’s Cross is the Fuerza de San Pedro or simply, Fort San Pedro. It is Cebu’s version of Intramuros. It is a walled structure that is triangular in shape which Magellan used in the past, like a war camp.

Fuerza de San Pedro is located inside the plaza of Cebu. It is now used as a park, which was a blessing for me because my feet were really sore then! For Php 30, you can rest amongst the benches inside and enjoy the cool breeze. Looking at the old canons to relax you is completely up to you. There is also a very little museum inside, which holds relics of the Spanish era like letters of Andres Bonifacio, old weapons, human bones, and a battle worn Spanish flag.

Lastly, there is the Taoist temple. It is not really a tourist spot because it is technically a church, but you can still go there to check out the view. It is kind of far and I suggest you bring a car with you because the walk back to find a taxi is long! You can try to wait at the temple gates for a ride, but it will again, take long.

It takes 109 steps to reach the main temple. There are two temples that you can find and you can light incense and pray inside. Taking of photos is not allowed inside the temple.

Oh, there is one more thing that I have to say about these places. They were flooded with Koreans! I cannot tell you how many Koreans I saw in Cebu. I have never seen so much Koreans since… well, I have never seen that much Koreans ever! I wonder if there are still Koreans in their country? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Cebu Tourist Spots: Magellan’s Cross, Fuerza De San Pedro, And The Taoist Temple

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  2. I’m glad to see your post about Magellan’s cross. When I saw the picture of that cross. I felt betrayed.(I thought the crossing. Your picture was actually Magellan’s cross) I’m glad to see that you had the same experience I did, and that you had the same doubts that I do, doubts whether not that cross is actually in there. the fact is, at this time, is there anyone that even has access to the cross? Is there anyone alive that actually has seen the cross? No, these are questions that any of us will ever answer, but it gives me comfort to know other people are asking the questions.

    • i really don’t know and i am curious! i do not think there is anyone with access to the real cross because it is inside the cross that we see and the base is cemented already! it makes a very good mystery topic though!

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