Sky Experience Adventure: Let’s Do Edge Coaster One More Time!

What definitely made Cebu for me was the Sky Experience Adventure at the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. Actually, my friend and I had some trouble going to the hotel because taxi drivers did not seem to know what we were talking about! Finally, when we went outside SM Cebu, one understood us and took us to the hotel with the roller coaster.

Of course, there was no roller coaster at Crown Regency. What they do have though is the Edge Coaster, the Skywalk, and a 4D theater. My friend and I skipped on the movie and went on the two rides. I forgot how much it costs but it is around Php 700. You can also take part of the buffet for an extra Php 200, but we just ate so we passed on the food.

You sign up for the rides at the 19th floor. Honestly, as we were going up the elevator and saw how high we were, I really had second thoughts if I wanted to go through with it. We were just on the 19th floor and I can feel horror sinking down my stomach, what more will it be if I were at the 39th floor, tilted 55 degrees down?

But I thought, hey, when I would see the Sky Experience on TV I always said that my friend and I would ride it and we were there so what the hell. We paid good money to risk our lives and scare ourselves to deathΒ and went up to the 39th floor for the Edge Coaster first.

Let me describe Edge Coaster to you. This was the roller coaster the taxi driver was referring to. Outside the hotel, there were tracks. These tracks go around the hotel for a good three to five minutes. You sit on a roller coaster like contraption but instead of going up and around at a fast pace, it tilts to 55 degrees as if it wants to seriously throw you off the busy Cebu streets below.

I swear all I could say when it was starting to tilt was Oh my God. Oh my God. But after a few seconds, I was lucky enough to get the hang of it. I cannot say the same for my friend though. LOL.

It was such a thrill! The lights were really pretty. It was pretty much the view from a plane going up. I just avoided looking down as much as I could because it really did not make for a very comforting experience.

You can actually tilt the seats back to a perfect sitting position if you want to, and some people actually did that. But we did not because we were idiots. At some point, the ride photographer would talk to you from the balcony telling you to lift your hands for a nice photo.

This was really a tough thing to do because posing like you are having the time of your life when you are mostly preoccupied with mortal terror is a strong feeling to beat.

Then the ride came to an end, finally. My friend told me that was the longest five minutes of his life. After we got off the high chair, the ground never seemed so beautiful than before! It was really a crazy ride. But would I ride the Edge Coaster again? Let’s go!

29 thoughts on “Sky Experience Adventure: Let’s Do Edge Coaster One More Time!

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  3. this reminds of the ride atop the stratosphere. i don’t know if i could do it again or will ever due to health issues. i’ve never been to cebu, but i heard it’s beautiful there.

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  5. It must have been quite a harrowing experience, but I guess the thrill stumps the fear. (^o^)# And I love your touristy posts. I heard about Cebu from the family. Next time I go to the Philippines for vacation, I add Cebu as a must see. Thanks for sharing !

    Cheers from California.

    • the feeling is like a bowl of mixed m&m’s. πŸ˜† but it is something that is very memorable. i treat it as a big achievement! πŸ™‚ yes, you should come to cebu for a short visit then ride the edge coaster and share your experience. πŸ™‚

    • i also want to bungee jump. sabi nila sa october daw magkakaroon ng free fall in the same tower palagay ko mas madali yun kasi the horror is only before the jump pero ito habang umiikot ka at bumabagal nakakatakot! 😯

  6. My goodness, PM – I’m used to hiking up high but not sure I want to be tilted off my feet up high over the city! Sounds like you had an adventure.

  7. well you have to try at least once right? but rollercoaster or edge coasters especially high up there – not my thing. so chicken when it comes to these things.

    i have never had ferris wheel ride in my entire life 😦

    • i have not gotten up a ferris wheel ever too. i do not like the circling motion, it might bore me. but this edge coaster is really something. it is such a thrill. after you get over the fear of dying as a result of mechanical trouble, it becomes a truly great experience.

    • when i was on the elevator i was really having second thoughts too but i was there already and idk if i am ever coming back so might as well right? πŸ˜›

    • it is a nice place but i think it is only good for short trips. if you plan to stay there long, you might want to hit the beaches. the danggit and lechon are nice πŸ˜€

    • we did the walk. the walk scared me more! gb, isn’t that what is supposed to make it scary? because it is tilted and it is slow? maybe you can try it first then tell me again. πŸ˜€

    • it was scary at first, when you feel like you are about to get thrown out and if you think the ride is going to break πŸ˜† must try!

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