Skywalk Extreme: Scarier Than Edge Coaster!

This Skywalk Extreme post will be my last hurrah about my Cebu escapade. So pretty much like the Edge Coaster, the Skywalk Extreme appeals to the daredevil inside every person. You are on the 38th floor with a harness and looking every bit like a plumber and you have to walk around the hotel tower for a good fifteen minutes.

You might think this is far less scary compared to the Edge Coaster, with the harness and all, but I must admit my friend Rem beat me on this one. I was damn scared! It was very hard for me to move forward, worse, go near the edge and have a good photo. I was a wuss all throughout, staying at the middle of the walk, not daring to dangle my feet off the tower. It just felt so wrong!

We did this during the evening and there was a lot of wind so you bet I felt like a kite while walking around. The worst part was the end bit where you have to walk on a clear surface. Trust me, fun was the last thing on my mind during those times. I may look fine on the photos, but I really was not!

My friend totally enjoyed the Skywalk Extreme and told me he would do it again but never the Edge Coaster. It is the reverse for me. I think it is because I feel secure with the chair and the roller coaster-like thing trapping me in place. With the Skywalk Extreme, there was only me and my legs who have to do the walking! It was really tough. The harness did not do anything to calm me at all. The idea that I will hang 38th flights up waiting for someone to rescue me is not comforting at all. When it finished, I was just so happy.

In my last post I mentioned that there was a buffet that you can pay with the ride and we did not avail of it because we just ate right? Seriously, after the rides, I regretted that. I never knew being scared out of your wits can work your stomach real good!

19 thoughts on “Skywalk Extreme: Scarier Than Edge Coaster!

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  2. I’m here in Cebu, studying. That Skywalk is just so near but I can’t even go to Crown Regency Hotel to try it! LOL. πŸ™‚ I hope I could! πŸ˜€

  3. I just saw a post on a website i frequently read about the skywalk extreme… looks amazing… but nothing tops jumping out of a plane 15,000 feet up – I DID THAT πŸ˜€

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