PM’s Fork: The Aristocrat, SM Pampanga

Over the weekend, My Man and I went to SM Pampanga to get an ice shaver. It was sale weekend so you bet there were a lot of people who trooped to the mall. We decided to get lunch early to avoid the crowd. We decided to try what The Aristocrat has to offer.

The Aristocrat is a very famous Filipino restaurant. In fact, it is probably one of the best known places when it comes to Filipino food. It has been around since the American occupation and the original branch still stands in Manila. I have never sampled their food so with a hungry tummy and My Man in tow, I thought it was a nice time to do so. Here is what we got:

We really did not know the house specialties of The Aristocrat so we just went with what sounded good in the menu. We had mushroom soup for starters and pork sisig and calamares for the main course.

Usually, I am not that eager to try mushroom soup in restaurants because there are too many times when all I get in my bowl is the taste of wood and earth without the mushroom flavor. But I am happy to report that The Aristocrat mushroom soup is very tasty. It is creamy with the earthy flavor of mushroom and I really enjoyed eating it. I am really a soup person and this really pleased me.

As for the pork sisig, there was nothing special about it. I liked the heat that you get from every bite but that is just about it. I can taste the pork and liver but I guess I was looking for a creamier version. I always enjoyed pork or chicken sisig with a little bit of cream and mayo on it, so this may be a personal preference only. My Man did not love it much too though, and at the end of it we both agreed the one Mother Goose makes tastes better.

The calamares, well , I really do not know what to say. There was no flavor at all! It was coated in a crisp tempura-like batter and though the squid rings were soft and moist, there was really no flavor on its own. It disappointed me really. I was hoping to taste the ocean on my plate but it just did not come.

For the drink, I liked their iced tea. The house water strongly tasted like it was treated though. We just stuck with the iced tea, which was really good. It has a rich taste and I got the flavor that I was looking for. I appreciate the fact that they serve the real thing too.

So out of the four stuff that we had, two made me smile. The mushroom soup was really good so it was not a totally bad experience. Maybe next time I should try going for the meat. I don’t know really, maybe this is because I was eating at a mall branch? But I think I would like to go back and find the food that really made The Aristocrat name. Maybe it is in the meat or in probably in the stews.

For dessert, My Man and I went for these:

We had sambos and sylvanas from Brownies Unlimited. Again, we have not eaten them before. But we have always passed by them and we wondered what they tasted like. They were really cute.

Sambos and sylvanas are pretty much meringues dusted with coco powder and I don’t know what is the coating of the sylvanas. LOL. It is just the coating that differentiates them. The black ones are sambos and those that come in white are sylvanas.Β The best part about them is that they are not too sweet. They can be quite challenging to eat though because of the huge round size but one person can eat a whole piece.

We also got fruits from the SM Hypermarket bar. I really enjoy these though I must admit I am slow at filling my container. Sometimes I feel like the container is too big! I made one with mangoes, honeydew, grapes, apples, corn kernels, and melons. Yum!

How about you? I hoped you had a great weekend!

A special shout out to my sister who passed the nursing board exam! Congrats Pi! πŸ˜€

20 thoughts on “PM’s Fork: The Aristocrat, SM Pampanga

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    • there are many nice places in this country. it just gets too much bad media. but given the chance, i think there is a lot to this country than most people give it credit for.

  3. manok talaga ang specialty nila πŸ˜€ pero masarap naman ung mga meat dishes nila. yun na nga lang, minsan nawawala talaga yung lasa, hindi na consistent. nga pala, paki bulong naman sa akin yung tindahan sa plaza kung saan parati kaming natambay nung naligaw kami sa iyong banda ng bataan… siyempre kaya hindi ko mabuo yung post ko e dahil nalimutan ko yung tindahan, hehe. tenks!

  4. wow looks like u had fun! the last i visit aristocrat was a decade ago. lols my family used to have lunch there after mass at Malate.

    congrats to your sis!

  5. I haven’t been to Aristocrat but I heard a lot about it before. You made me smile when you mentioned adding mayo to sisig – not fatty enough for you eh πŸ™‚

    That is the problem with calamari, they don’t season the squid rings before they bread it and the breading doesn’t have enough seasoning either. Many restaurants rely on the dipping sauce to provide the flavor. Pano pag diet ka?

    May kasama bang tartar sauce yung calamari or other seafood sauce that’s usually tomato based?

    • i just want my sisig creamy πŸ˜† besides i do not eat it every day. i have a friend who gets fixated though that whatever he eats on monday he will continue for the rest of the week. sisig was one of his favorites so you can imagine 😯 calamari had a dip, i am not sure what it is because i did not pay attention much after tasting the rings, but again, it is not special.

  6. wow! i felt my tummy worms twitched when i read your post. i haven’t tried Aristocrat yet but surely will visit one of their stores soon. πŸ™‚

    • think we spent around P600 for this lunch. it is pretty manageable, right? at first i thought the price range will be over the top but it is not really the case. there are many ways to splurge. i think there are little but nice ways to do so πŸ˜€

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