What A Cake Made From The Moon Tastes Like

A few weeks ago, I read a post from the Philippine Book Club about the celebration of the moon cake festival. I had always been obsessed about the moon (there were lots of times when I wanted to eat it so bad after looking at it) so I had to know about this moon cake festival.

My former boss was Chinese (remember the tikoy story?) so I asked him if there is really such a thing as the moon cake festival. Here is what he told me:

Yes there is. People eat cake made from the moon during the festival and according to some elders a very pretty princess in the ancient ate one and flew to the moon with her rabbit not return since.

My eyes practically looked like this after hearing the story:

I want to eat a cake made from the moon too!

But I did not know how I would get one. The moon is far… so is China…

Fortunately, My Man wanted to stop my whining did something about it and got me my first moon cake!

Apparently, moon stuff is found in the mall if you look hard enough. This one is yellow mongo with one egg. It tastes every bit hopia-ish, with a salted egg at the center, which completely shocked me. I did not know chickens lived on the moon. I did not imagine hopia to be space stuff too. But at the end of it, I am still happy. Thank you babe! Next time I want to eat the sun! 🙂

18 thoughts on “What A Cake Made From The Moon Tastes Like

  1. meron din ditong moon cakes but the prices vary…from the ordinary to the class A imported from HKG or CHINA and they could be VERY pricey ! The more expensive ones ay mas lalong masarap 🙂

  2. Ang daming mooncake na binigay sa Boss ko so very nagsawa kami, and favorite ko yung salted egg so feeling ko very hopia meets special siopao ang mooncake. Next time, share with us what the sun tastes like!

    • to me it was a cross between hopia and puto 😆 i will share it. i am just waiting for my babe to give me some. don’t worry i will whine more so we can see faster results 😆

  3. cute story PM. 🙂

    I love mooncake. Mahilig kasi ako sa hopia.

    Sayang we were a bit early in HK, if we were there this September malamang nakapag uwi ako ng authentic mooncake. 🙂

    • hindi ba laging may moon cake sa HK jeanny? my aunt also loves hopia. i do too and don domeng. i just did not imagine moon cake is hopia 😀

    • i wonder what other stuff you can find on the mall? and i also want to point out, this is the only cake from the moon that is visible with the naked eye. 😀

  4. I love moon cakes and tikoy. Every Chinese New Year, my mom goes to a Chinese grocery here in the US and buys a lot of moon cakes and tikoy, so I’m reallt quite familiar with the stuff. The tikoy is chewy hard eaten as is, but we dip it first in egg and fry it, and man, it’s so good ! Cheers!

    • love, love tikoy cooked that way 🙂 i remember having it since childhood! it is really yummy. do you know how authentic artisan moon cake tastes like?

      • I don’t know how artisan moon cakes taste like. They are all supermarket stuff, but taste good. Oh. My mom was given a moon cake gift once by her chinese friend. The packaging was amazing ! There was one moon cake per tin can. It really looked very special ( and expensive!!)

  5. .. i love hopia! pero ayoko yung sobrang dry yung mongo filling that it crumbles pag kinagat mo na. di pa ko nakakatikim ng ganyan na may salted egg.

  6. hahaha love your story. same here, i find the taste of the moon cake similar to that of the hopia. i don’t like the one with salted egg. oh and i can’t finish the whole thing. several bites feels so full already.

    • i am still wondering what authentic and homemade moon cake tastes like though. of course the store bought version will always have that commercial quality right?

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