Beware Of This Word Game

I found this online. I followed the instructions (you can click on the photo for a larger version) and it took awhile for me to find some words. There was really nothing on my mind as I go around the puzzle, maybe that was why it proved to be a struggle.

However, when I found some words, I was not sure if I was to be happy about it or not. Here are the first three words that I saw in the precise order:

  • broken
  • fat
  • pretty

Hmm… so we now have a dilemma here. Should I be defensive about this or should I rationalize the words I saw? LOL. I also found that other people who also searched for words in this puzzle always included ‘fat’. I wonder how many words are really inside this box? Oh well, never mind. Just have a go and tell me what are the first three words that you find AND no cheating alright?

UPDATE: After posting this, I tried looking at the puzzle again and these are the words I saw:

  • beautiful
  • funny

and drumroll…

  • fat (grrrrr.. :lol:)

53 thoughts on “Beware Of This Word Game

  1. This is not true. These are the first three words I saw (in order) fat, love, funny.
    I’m too skinny; no one will use fat to describe me (how i wish.). LOL.

    I’ll repost this, hope its okay.

    • hi ya ewok! 🙂 are you back from your blog break? i find that i also enjoy word games. mother goose does too. she plays scrabble on the desktop every night before sleeping.

    • i wonder what the broken part means. yung sakin i am guessing it was pertaining to my muscles kasi i did this after going to the gym so everything hurt 😆

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