PM’s Fork: Racks, SM San Fernando

I have always looked forward to eating at Racks for two reasons. First, I love my meat and second, my cousin spoke highly of Racks. He told me that I can measure the worth of a date by the dinner setting and Racks is a good place. When the branch at SM San Fernando opened, I hoped to visit to make all my caveman dreams come true.

The opportunity came when My Man and I recently bought a chocolate fountain. Before grabbing our own version of the chocolate factory at nearby Robinson’s, we stopped by SM San Fernando to have lunch at Racks. My hopes were really high, as high as the price tag that comes with the restaurant, but I am very much willing to pay for good food so on we went.

There were only two soups available on the menu: clam chowder and vegetable minestrone. I do not know what a minestrone is but the word vegetable got me asking for the clam chowder. I never had it before so I do not know what a proper clam chowder tastes like but I can guess the clam chowder at Racks is far from the best because it is a tad salty and I honestly cannot find the clams on my bowl!

For the main course, we had classic pork ribs and baby back ribs with corn and carrot and mashed potatoes on the side. What can I say? The corn bread was lovely and I enjoyed the mashed potato. πŸ˜†Β Seriously, for the price tag, my out of this world expectation of Racks meat did not make it. They were served at room temperature and I think they were dry. The meat was not as flavorful as I thought it would be and the barbecue sauce was too sour. No succulent, falling off the bone barbecue madness here. I know the photo looks like we devoured the food but it does not mean I was impressed. My Man ended up shoveling all the food on my plate. πŸ˜€

I really do not know if it is just because it is a mall branch or we just ordered the wrong thing (like with my The Aristocrat experience) but based on the descriptions of my cousin, his Racks plate sounded way better than mine no doubt.Β And oh, whatever you do, do not order the pink lemonade, unless you fancy a drink that seemed like it was made from a handful of fresh ants, just saying.

Have you visited a Racks near you? Because really I am open to my Racks meat dreams being salvaged.

35 thoughts on “PM’s Fork: Racks, SM San Fernando

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  2. Chowders are like the staple food here in the US, If what you ordered was clam chowder, then there must be at least 2 pieces in the soup, lol… I myself know how to make potato chowders, chicken chowders, etc. It’s so easy to make., What you ordered must be typical American fare,,,, ribs, cornbread, mashed potato, chowder. Dinner at home is sometimes exactly these, ^o^


      • Uhm, the cornbread is from the box, the ribs….. we just brush it with bottled barbecue sauce , lol, mashed potato… it always tastes like any other mashed potato, no matter how we cook it, and the chowder…. it’s just the rich cream and the chicken broth that does it.

        • i am thinking about making my own mashed potato a lot a lately. i love it but i have never tried making it so maybe i will, the cornbread from racks is really, really good and my blog friend says she buys the bbq sauce from racks too just to brush her home cooked meat. for the chowder… maybe i just have to find a really good place that serves it πŸ™‚

  3. I have not dine at racks yet. HIndi rin kasi ako mahilig sa steaks or ribs. Madali kasi ako maumay. Well will try it one time. πŸ™‚

    Baka lang sa branch. Try ka ng ibang branch to confirm kung ganun nga…:-)

    • i love meat and it is expensive that is why i want to be blown away. fail nga lang. pero yun nga, try ng ibang branch. some helpful blog friends and commentators have suggested other branches where they were satisfied. sabi nila sa moa daw jeanny.

  4. try nyo po ung Racks sa MOA, ms.PM, hehe, masarap ang ribs dun parang natutunaw sa bibig, naglalaway na ako tuloy πŸ˜›

    as for your experience, may buwanang dalaw po siguro ung chef, hehe

    • ganiyan nga yung gusto ko na mangyari eh. yun bang parang plato yung laki ng mata ko sa tuwa sa pagkain ng ribs. siguro nga meron period. hay nako.

  5. Nakakatuwa na nagbalik eksena yung Racks no? And dahil nga nag-re-return of the comeback sila ay very good ang food sa lahat ng pinupuntahan kong Racks so far (SM Fairview and SM North) so di ko ma-gets ang bad experience na binigay sa’yo ng Racks SM Fernando. Did they make you fill out an evaluation form? Dapat inevaluate mo ng sobra! HAHAHA.

    • ewan ko ba bakit fail yung sakin. di bale bibigyan ko pa sila ng chance. πŸ˜† wala ngang form eh kung meron lang eh di sana umeksena ako πŸ˜†

  6. ‘Di talaga maiiwasan ang variances sa quality. Pero kung ako yun, ibabalik ko ang pagkain kung sa unang tikim o tingin ay di ko na nagustuhan. Ehwan. Simula nang ma-linya ako sa customer service, naging hardcore ako sa quality ng service na natatanggap ko, kahit na sa mga simpleng fast food lang.

    • hard core talaga sa quality ng service eh no πŸ™‚ ewan ko ba. i just want to be blown away, alam mo yun? i may have created the hype on my head but still…

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