More Iloilo Tourist Spots: Museo Iloilo, Tibiao Fish Spa

On the plane to Iloilo, there was a magazine feature about the province and the first thing that I noticed was the lovely photo of Museo Iloilo. I loved the tiled design and the colors really perk you up, which is quite odd – it was a museum after all.

Museo Iloilo is near the provincial capitol and the mall where we ate Ted’s La Paz batchoy. Entrance fee is Php 25 per person. It is not a very big museum and the display was various art works, antique religious statues, and jurassic tools accessories, and the like. Taking photos inside the museum is not allowed. Well you can take photos on the art gallery part but I did not bother because I found the art works to be morbid and goth. Not that it is ugly though. I just like my art to be undead.

Now one of the highlights of this iloilo trip is our visit to Tibiao fish spa. I have read about these sucker fishes on the paper and I was excited to try it. So how did it go? Well… I cannot say I went well with the fishes. It was not awful but… think I might have killed a fish or two on the pool.

But you can’t blame me right? They were nibbling on my feet like hungry, gluttonous praying mantis. I had to defend my pride. One minute you are on top of the food chain then before you know it you are fish food! Unbelievable!

There were actually two pools. On the first pool you get these little fishes eager and looking forward to take on your feet buffet style. My sister dipped her feet first and the moment I saw the fish army swim for her feet I felt blood drain from my face. I was petrified!

By the time I mustered the courage to take a stand, my sister was rolling on the couch, laughing at me. But what can I do? The fishes were really ticklish! Both my hands were on my mouth but still there was no stifling my screams. It was awful and fun at the same time.

The other pool was another story. If the first pool petrified me, with this next one, I really lost it. Maybe you would to if you see fishes the size of a midget waiting to make your feet an all day breakfast. I was so squirmy and panicky that my sister even took a video of me making a complete fool of myself. It was really awful. I looked like a marathoner from all the sweat.

It was a totally different experience from the nibbling of the small fishes from the other pool. Here the aunts and grandparents of those baby fishes from the first pool are literally raking on your feet the same way a Velcro with eyes would scratch you. You would imagine these fishes would go easy because we went there early in the evening , but no, they really had an appetite and they would not listen no matter how hard you beg. Suckers.

But I would do it again because it was weird fun. It was not as relaxing as I thought but still I had a blast. I’m sure the fishes did too. 😆

Special thanks to Tita Nancy, Tita Janet, Tito Totek, Manong Port, Lola Conching and family

19 thoughts on “More Iloilo Tourist Spots: Museo Iloilo, Tibiao Fish Spa

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  4. I feel bad for those fish you killed PM, tsk tsk tsk. They were only doing their job, feeling ko di rin naman nila na-e-enjoy kumain ng dead skin cells sa paa but they had to do it. At gagantimpalaan mo sila ng kamatayan. HAHAHA.

  5. my dad is from Iloilo 🙂 I can only dream of La Paz batchoy nowadays/

    this is quite strange. What are the fish supposed to nibble on from our feet ? 🙂 I’m glad there wasn’t a piranha in the mix !

    • or a shark 😆 they are supposed to snack on your dead skin like if you are having a foot spa from a salon but in here it is the fish who do it for you 😀

    • i think you should really go out of your way to dirty your feet before jumping to the fish spa to make it worth it 😆 but you have to prepare for the attack of the fishes.

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