Dear Santa I’ve Been Good: Bloggers Christmas Exchange Gift 2

Don Domeng has put up our parol (Christmas lantern) so I guess it is the time of the year again. Last year, we had All I Want For Christmas (thank you to everyone who joined) and this year I thought we can do the same thing to spread more holiday cheer online. Β This year let us call our big blogger exchange gift as Dear Santa I’ve Been Good.

To join:Β Fill out the following list on your blog in a post (try to be reasonable) and leave a link on the comments section below. It will also be great if you will leave a link to this post on your blog so other blog friends of yours can join us.

You will be paired with another blog friend and the idea is to use the Dear Santa I’ve Been Good wish list as a gift guide. You do not have to purchase everything on the list. One or a couple is cool, with the minimum amount of Php 200.

You can join until Nov. 26 and on Nov. 30 I will post the list of partners on this blog. The one that you will give to is also the one who will send you your package. After I receive your blog post link, I will contact you via email, using the email address you left here to make the comment, to get your details and also to give you the details of your partner. Easy right?

All gifts can be sent starting Dec. 1 until Dec. 15. Those who are abroad (outside the Philippines) can join too, just make sure that you send out your parcel early to make it before the cut off date. You can use snail mail to ship your package or go to a courier for secure and faster transfer. It does not cost much really, just a little over Php 100.

IMPORTANT: Please do not join if you have no plans of sending out a package to your partner. It does not matter whether there will be only five to join this year as long as everyone gets their Christmas present. Have fun!

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good Wish List

Something small:

Something big:

Something cute:

Something soft:

Something techie:

Something fancy:

Something (insert your favorite color):

Something wearable:

Something you need:

Something you can use for work:

Something sweet:

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want:

I hope all of my dearest blog friends can join. If you did participate last year, I hope you can participate this year again. Enjoy!

102 thoughts on “Dear Santa I’ve Been Good: Bloggers Christmas Exchange Gift 2

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    • glad you made it jeanny. i tried sending you the email the other day but i got a failure notice. do you have another email i can work with? thanks πŸ™‚

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  13. Hello. I’d like to join this, pero as I read the blogposts of those joining, I’ve noticed na ang mahal ng mga things na gusto nila. hahaha di ko afford if ever sila ang mapartner sakin. Php200 is minimum right? Wala po bang maximum amount?

    • hi mei πŸ™‚ minimum is 200, there is no max amount. the wish list is just a guide. you can play with it and have fun. you don’t have to get everything they want and there is no rule saying you cannot give out something you think will be great. if you want to join, everybody is welcome. just put up your wish list post on your blog before the weekend and that is it really. πŸ™‚

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  21. weeh! buti nalang naghost ka ulit this year. i’m so dying to join last year kaya lang due to some personal concerns eh i decided na wag nalang magjoin. but this year, i want to join. so count me in please. thanks!

    • it’s actually the same list as last year but i’m sure your me-want-list has changed dramatically. thanks for your interest of joining again! spread the word, will you? thanks!

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