How To Live With A Neurotic Cat

I bought a book today. The title is How To Live With A Neurotic Cat (S. Baker with illustrations by J. Geyer). I swear that is the title, I’m not making it up. My Man and I saw it at the clearance section of a local supplies store and we decided to get it because it will help My Man to… deal with me.

While waiting on the car we actually took turns reading it to each other. It had tons of practical wisdom:

  • As house pets, cats think they are overqualified.
  • Always explain the rules then follow the ones set by the cat.
  • Remember that it is not your cat’s purpose to amuse you. It’s the other way around, buddy.
  • Never scold your cat especially if you are within earshot.
  • The presence of the cat should be a reward more than enough so don’t ask for anything else.
  • Cats are perfectly nice as long as you feed them, let them sleep in your bed, shower them with affection and give them back rubs.
  • Cats listen alright but they discard the information as no use immediately. Don’t take it personally.

I am pretty sure as we go on with this book more gold will come up. Hopefully this will bring in more understanding between us. Purrfect.:D

13 thoughts on “How To Live With A Neurotic Cat

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    • yesterday another blog friend told me i’m weird πŸ˜† guess i can’t blame you. the book is cool. it will totally save my man’s butt. 😎

  2. Reblogged this on authoreddiecdollgenerjr and commented:
    I once had a cat named Schitzy (familial for schitzoid). At no particular time of day, for no rhyme or reason, she would take off and run in perpetual circles all over the apartment. It was always entertainment to watch her, but you did not want to be holding her when her attacks hit.

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