Warning: Post Is Filled With Testosterone

When I was younger, I was a big sports fan. I liked everything. I liked basketball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, football, everything. I was not able to write them all decently (former sports ed remember?) but I enjoyed watching them.

There is something about sports that mesmerizes me. The struggle to win and not to lose is magical. Sports is like an artery that beats on its own, with its own head and determination. You see this a lot of times when you see impossible circumstances beaten by athletes to win.

Having said that, I love, love, love this Air Jordan commercial. It’s wicked inspirational. 😀


I was going through my Facebook profile and looking at my Likes when I suddenly misread Paul, The Psychic Octopus to Paul, The Psychotic Octopus. I thought, “Well, that can’t be right?” and when I had a second look, truly it was just me.

I truly do a lot of these, like when I changed the lines “your comebacks they’re quick and probably had to do with your insecurity” to “your comebacks they’re quick and probably had to with your insanity” of the song Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz. I really don’t know what this tells about me but it can get crazy.


I like men.  I know sometimes you can find furniture better than men, but on good days they can be really charming.

But I must say looks alone does not reel me in to a guy. You can make better purchases with humor, passion, talent, or intellect. I never liked anyone just because he is cute. A porcupine can be cute but you would not fancy dating it, would you?

When I was in high school, my cousin’s classmate showed me a list of guys that he liked, written in symbols that only he can understand. I randomly pointed into one and he said that guy was a porn star.

You know, I really never had a crush on someone as interesting as a porn star, but I did have a crush on aggressive in line champ Eito Yasutoko, extreme angler Jakub Vagner, and super star chef and health advocate Jamie Oliver. I also liked Optimus Prime and Garfield.


My Man went to get his head shaved the other day and half way through, the razor of the barber man broke! 😆 My Man was stuck with a weird mohawk kind of thing.

I received his SMS asking if the salon I go to shaves head and I could already imagine him going out, debuting the latest style in men hair fashion. But as it is, before he left he asked the barber man to make some sense into the other half of his hair with some scissors.

During dinner, when Kulot found out about it, she jokingly told him, “20 lang yata binayad mo eh [maybe it’s because you only paid Php20]! (referring to the Cornetto commercials :lol:)”

24 thoughts on “Warning: Post Is Filled With Testosterone

  1. You said “When I was younger, I was a big sports fan”… and.. how old are you now ? You ought to say this when you’re 40 ! hehe 😦

    when you’re looking at men for something more than looks you’ve definitely matured 😉

    • 24 😆 but i am not that big of a sports fan anymore because i do not have much time to watch them. i’d like to think i’ve matured, but you know, i still have my moments 😀

  2. .. speaking of mohawk – i guess i can no longer do the mohawk hairstyle i was about to do in my list for 2011 (beckham-like lang sana, ahem!). were you able to finish yours? masyado naging busy sa buhay-buhay, haha. did 7 out of 10, will just put in my list again the unfinished ones for next year.

    .. nako, ng kilala ko lang sa mga crushes mo ay si optimus prime at si garfield. 😀

  3. natawa naman ako sa last story parang cornetto talaga ang dating, but seriously, dito sa paligi ligid namin me P20 talagang gupit. dito mo sya papuntahin hahaha.

  4. hello! naaliw ako sa linya mong ito : “I know sometimes you can find furniture better than men, but on good days they can be really charming.”

    i’m not much into reading so it probably explains the fact that it’s my first time to encounter that our species is being compared to furnitures. it gave me reason to silently laugh and think. i’m amused actually, even without the succeeding (pamabawi) statement. but i agree, most of us can be so charming (and you can ask my wife about it, haha!).

    i envy your man; i also wish i get the chance (or the courage) to sport a skinhead (or a mohawk–hindi ata appropriate sa trabaho ko sa unibersidad)

    • it’s funny because it’s true, i guess. 🙂 my man stopped growing his hair when he started dating me 😆 i have a thing for skinheads so… 😀 you should try it sometime you know? it works for the ladies. :mrgreen:

  5. the second part, i do that sometimes, nalalike ko yung mga di dapat i-like. what’s worse, nalalike ko din yung ilang pictures ng mga iniistalk ko.

    kill me now!!!

  6. Based!

    Actually, naisip ko rin magpa-mohawk kaso baka masisante ako sa work ko. It’s nice to know na sport fan ka. It’s cool actually to know that a girl or a lady is an avid fan of sports! =)

    • buti na lang ayos na ang hair niya. haha! nakakainis nga eh no pag hindi mo magawa ang gusto mo dahil sa trabaho. isa yan sa dahilan bakit kinalimutan ko na ang unibersidad eh 😉 sa sports, i think it is cool too. when i would go to conferences before, ako lang ang babae kadalasan amidst this room full of men trying to compete with me 😆 think i managed to beat them all twice or thrice. 😀

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