Beat Bullying: When The Ant Bully Had A Cat Bully Cousin

KG, one of my favorite blog friends, put up a post about bullying. My other favorite blog friend, rob, commented that he was bullied before too…

You know what, I was bullied in school too!

…Yeah, yeah, so now you’re thinking “Oh that’s why PM’s weird!” But whatever guys. 😆

I do not wish anyone to experience bullying because it’s awful. I mean, I can laugh about it right now because I have gotten over it, but before, each time something terrible would happen to me, I would really think long and hard what was wrong with me that led to the bullying. I might have sucked then but still, what right do other people have to bully another? And it’s like, we were kids!

Oh God… you know, this is one thing that happened in my life that I would probably never understand. I guess I’m just glad those days are over and it ended up in a look-who’s-laughing-now kind of story. Thankfully, I did not have the heart to cut myself or do anything drastic about it to cope. I just went along with it, licking my paws and ears, I guess.

But you know the funny thing, back then I did not think I was being bullied. I just thought maybe something was really wrong with me and that was normal. The hell it was normal, let alone there is nothing acceptable about it. It just sucked, you know?

Bullying is just mighty wrong and kids should not be subjected to that. But you know what, bullying can go on even for adults. It happens in offices, colleges… I mean, it can happen everywhere.

But what the heck, just do me a favor and make sure you are not part of it – on the receiving end, or worst, on the bullying end, because if you are… then God bless your soul.

20 thoughts on “Beat Bullying: When The Ant Bully Had A Cat Bully Cousin

    • ah onga no diary of a wimpy kid nga ang dating… nako wala naman talaga sigurong less superior individuals! patas-patas lang siguro tayong lahat talaga.

  1. Guess what – where I am the provincial govt had proposed a legislation on bullying in schools here. Methinks it is a serious issue for kids and the govt is prepared to step in 😦

    • it’s just sad because if everyone had enough sense there would be no law required to guard against it. but still this is a good move, if only it will be implemented correctly.

  2. PM for President! Schools should be more vigilant about this, usually naman alam ng mga teachers kung sinong mga bullies eh, and minsan sila pa nambubully. *cough cough*

    • you know i was about to say that. some teachers do bully students. i think that sucks double time. btw i can’t run for president. there’s a lot of dog people out there who will not vote for me 😆

  3. i can relate to this as i have been bullied too, not from my childhood but would you believe, recently?
    it’s just pathetic if i had given them a dose of their own medicine. these type of people are worthless except that their use is just to set as bad examples to others.

    i pity their souls.

    • oh well, you are right about that, they are pathetic, and since we have better things to do, we just move on. good luck na lang sa kanila 😀

  4. .. bullies are everywhere! not just at school but even at the workplace. it’s just a good thing i rarely encounter them anymore or lets say, i no longer possess that image to be victimized – this time i know how to react and to fight back.

    • i agree, sometimes we invite bullying, which is really crazy if you think about it that way. but praise god we’ve sharpen our claws a little nowadays buddy. 🙂

  5. I was bullied before. It’s something that I don’t celebrate, but its something that I am proud of. Bullying made me stronger, wiser and more compassionate with the Bullies.

    Well, I think it’s just a matter of perspective. I take the comments that I’ve heard as compliments. Maybe, there was really something in me that people should get insecure or annoyed at, and that is good. I influenced people.

    I just hope that bullying will stop. Its really not fun, especially if you are not strong enough.

    • it does make you stronger when you get over it. problem is, there are those who do not get over it. besides, i think there are other stuff that can make you stronger. it does not always have to be a negative experience. it’s really interesting how many of us have gone through the same thing!

  6. tama ka PM, some kids do not realize what bullying is. and yes, you’re very right, bullying can happen among adults too…those immature adults who never grow up still bullying other people!

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