8 Things I Have Already Done Before… And Some On My Queue (pft…)

Rob and I agreed to give an update on our 10 things I have not done before list today so I would like to present you with my account… (It’s been a year and time practically zoomed past!)

Unfortunately there are only 8 things I have already done before that I can boast of for I was not able to finish my list because I got lazy and broke. All in all, me thinks it is not a bad haul:

8 Things I Have Already Done Before… And Some I Have To Do Next Year

1. Finish a meal of veggies.

2. Lone backpacking or one with friends only.

3. Ride a rollercoaster.

4. Bake.

5. Be published on the dailies.

6. Meet blog friends.

7. Go out of the country.

8. Watch a play.

9. Spend my birthday on a charity.

10. Buy a cow.

So you see, I have been busy this year (and I will talk about more that I have accomplished in an upcoming post so stay tuned) and I have loads to be thankful for.

You know, having this list is a fantastic idea. I will do it again this coming year and hopefully I can strike through everything I write on the list. Well I guess my first goal next year is to accomplish my left overs!

I also learned a lot from this list… like not putting terrible things on your list for next year :lol:. But this list really gave me something to accomplish and look forward to so I am really grateful to Rob for coming up with this idea. You should join us next year and see where our journey takes us! 😀

Btw, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a blast. Special thanks to everybody who sent me presents. You rock. 😀

26 thoughts on “8 Things I Have Already Done Before… And Some On My Queue (pft…)

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    • the funny thing about this eds is when you know you have the list you are compelled to do it so if there is really something that you have always wanted to do this is the best way to get yourself to do it. i hope you will make your own for the coming year. i am excited to read your list and for you to accomplish a lot of stuff too! happy new year!

    • hopefully i will accomplish them next year. this week i will not have time so it is impossible to finish everything! but it was fun trying to scratch everything from the list. maybe you should do something like this too just for the heck of it.

        • it’s not really a daily but a monthly pero pwede na sakin yun, my letters got published twice in my favorite magazine. i will read your entry. you know, this is something i have always wanted to do but… i’m scared to try. 😀 maybe next year i will specifically state that i want to be publish in young blood.. you just sent this article and you got in? you are so cool.

          • medyo naswertehan lang talaga. Advice lang ha (galing din to sa friend ko na once narin nakapublish), yung theme ng article mas malaki tsansa mapansin pag ang title palang may connection na sa major currents issues ng bayan, and of course the overall theme of the write up dapat connected din. the more honest you are, the more chances you getting picked up. sabi nila eh. hehe

            • yes, i figured that too. idk, maybe i will try next year. i have to think about it because sounds to me like it is hard work! i cannot remember a time when i did serious writing last!

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