Excuse Me, Your Neighbor Wants A Word

Do you see that photo? It’s a gnarly piece of ube (purple yam), looking every bit like a tumor that has multiplied, reeking of death and waiting to take someone’s life. Don Domeng dug it up from the backyard… of our neighbor. šŸ˜†

I know our neighbor does not care about their ube, they might not even know they have ube on their backyard, but I can’t help but laugh, imagining their faces as they see this huge hole on their backyard, near our wall.

I picture the neighbor’s young wife, in front of our gate, asking “May nakita po kayong ube [Did you see any purple yam?]?” and we would make horrible poker faces denying it.

Actually, this happened to us before, when a chicken from the other neighbor crossed the wall, into our house, and our dogs chased the chicken out. Soon enough, the head of the son of the other neighbor pops above our wall and asks if we had seen a chicken and we said no, even when their were chicken feathers all across the living room. :mrgreen:

Oh man, I swear, Don Domeng is totally rad. šŸ˜Ž

38 thoughts on “Excuse Me, Your Neighbor Wants A Word

  1. lo.. looks like a bunch of intestines šŸ™‚ When i was young my grandma got into a fight with her neighbor who reprimanded the household helper who picked up a fallen avocado from my grandma’s backyard and claimed it was his. You see the neighbor’s avocado tree was huge – half of it is over my grandma’s yard. So my grandma told off the neighbor – anything avocado falls in my yard is mine. If you have a problem with that,cut all the branches encroaching in my yard… hirap na nga kaming magwalis ng dahon mo šŸ™‚

    • it does look weird. di ba pag nasa property mo na sayo na yun besides kung madami namang bunga walang masama kung ishare yun. may ganiyan din dito samin eh chico naman. go lola!

  2. Ahahaha ! That’s cute !

    Over here, in our backyard, we have a peach tree whose branches encroach on our neighbot’s property. Good thing the peach tree is prolific, so yeah, no complaints from them. They get buckets of delicious peaches every year.

    What we hate though are our neighbor’s cats. They seem to have made our backyard their favorite pooping ground. Hey, you know how cat poop stinks to high heavens. Never mind the smell. It’s when we accidentally step on one that really gets us. =_= #

    • peach tree? that sounds cool. makes me think of kung fu panda 1. šŸ™‚ maybe one time you can take a photo of it and post it on your blog so we can see how glorious your tree is, that would be rad. hmmm… are you sure those are cats? the throngs of cats we have cover their poo, it is one of the best things about them unlike dogs who just leave it there waiting for you to pick their thing up.

      • Sure. I’ll take a pic of the peach tree. But not til September though, if you want to see the fruits. Right now, the leaves are gone. Looks like a skeleton, like most of the trees we have here on our property.

        Aaargh, the cat poos are on the lawn. At least dog poos do not smell . the smell is the reason why we don’t have cats. *~* #

  3. ganyan ba talaga hitsura ng ube? hehe! parang luya na malaki. šŸ™‚ favorite kong ube is the good shepherd ube from baguio. the best!

    ok si mang domeng ha…may nakukuhanan ng kung ano ano! hahaha!

    • not really, this is a special gnarly ube, the one you get when you steal it off your neighbors. šŸ˜† yes, i remember you mentioned that on my cordilleras post. i saw a bottle when i was there but i did not pick it up since i don’t know its quality then.

  4. .. my ma also makes good tasting ube halaya (pero galing yung ube sa palengke ha, haha!). ako yung taga kadkad ng ube tapos pag luto na ilalagay na sa llanera aabangan ko yung mga nanikit sa kawali at sa sandok – papapakin ko yun!

    .. bigyan nyo na lang yung kapitbahay pag naluto na. šŸ˜€

    • kami ni kulot ang taga kadkad, good job i think, we just use a cheese grater. šŸ˜€ i’m not that crazy for halayang ube though, but i guess it’s a good idea, to give them some when it’s all done. but won’t they just wonder more about the hole in their yard if we did that? šŸ˜†

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