Real Steel Mini Review: Cinematography Kicks Ass

Have you seen Real Steel? It’s a sci-fi, family film that came out late last year. I’m not sure how big it was at the box office, I did not even heard of it until My Man brought a copy last Sunday and we watched it after dinner with my sisters, but it rocks. 😀 I mean, not totally, but the frames on this film is off the Richter scale.

Is that called cinematography? I guess it is and it’s the kind of cinematography that gives you a clue what moving photos are like. I swear, it’s the first time I’ve seen anything as good as this. Well, given I do not watch tons of movies, but the cinematography of Real Steel is kick ass. There are tons of frames that looked like perfect photographs… and it is not just because Hugh Jackman is on it. :mrgreen:

At first I was not excited at all to watch Real Steel because the trailer gave me a feeling that it is most likely to be cheesy so I did not have high hopes, but I surprisingly enjoyed it. The CG work on the robots were cool, the story moved quickly, and it was believable. Sure, there were cliches here and there and the ending is predictable but it was really not that bad. I am assuming the Filipino public would enjoy a story like Real Steel, most especially because Atom, the hero robot, was called the People’s Champ in the end, sounds familiar?

All in all, Real Steel is entertaining, it makes you feel good but not in a mushy way, and it has cinematography that can blow you off the roof. It is very, very cool. If you have not watched it, get up and go. I know the trailer leaves much to be desired but Real Steel is rad, you’ll see. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Real Steel Mini Review: Cinematography Kicks Ass

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  4. You make really good movie reviews. I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 last night with the kids and they were happy. Dinner was at Chowking after so they were happier.

    • wow thanks sheng me thinks this is the first one i made for a movie. that is cool. did you love the movie? we were supposed to catch sherlock holmes 2 this weekend too but it was rescheduled for next weekend 🙂 i’m glad you had a nice time with the family sheng. 🙂

    • it was shown in 3d and imax. maybe we were just busy then, it was shown during fall, i think. but it’s nice, surprisingly nice. moving photographs ala harry potter nice. 😀

  5. i watched real steel here in one of the old cinemas for $2.50. It is a bargain since the cinema only shows movies that are at least a month old. it was well worth it. i agree, the movie rocks!

  6. hoi dai, hinay2 ka naman sa kagagawa ng review, naprepressure nako dito, hanggang ngayon 1 movie palang napapanood ko sa 2012, at ni isang page ng libro wala pang nabasa. 😦
    By the way, that movie really rocked! it’s the kind of movie where you dont put a lot of expectations, but then you’re left breathless with during the credits.

    • super tawa naman ako. bilisan mo at nalalamangan ka na ng koponan ni eugene. 😀 4 books, 2 movies na ako kuya ahahay pressure 😆 oo totoo yan, ganiyan din yung pakiramdam ko nung tapos na, ginabi na nga kami sa kakanuod pero oks talaga, ang pogi ng cinematography. 🙂

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