Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim Book Review: Life In A Parallel Universe

Sorry about posting back-to-back book reviews (I don’t know if anyone really cares to read these) but the weekend was uneventful and I finished reading Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (Book number 6) by D. Sedaris (another half dozen books and I am done with the reading requirement for the entire year, obsessive much :lol:).

The book is a series of essays focused on the everyday life and family of an adult homo. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim is such a witty read that if wit could cut, my hands would be terribly bleeding right now. The beginning and end part had so many funny things in them I was chuckling by myself in a few corners around the house. The narration was very light and entertaining and the way Sedaris puts it, it is as if his life is in a parallel universe where even the most mundane has something curious to offer, you’d never run out of interesting stories to tell.

But somehow, following the book felt like a cross between being an actual paparazzi and staying at home in the couch watching a gossip or a reality show. I cannot say I enjoyed that aftertaste now that I think back on it but the wit and humor that Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim have watered down that sensation, fortunately. It was hilarious reading of the possibilities that can only happen inside a crazy man’s head but in the best possible sort. I mean, worrying of a zombie attack, obsessing over the apartment of Anne Frank, and drowning a crippled mouse? You’d have to be paralyzed not to laugh. It sure has its moments, though the middle part can be a drag, highlighted by short bursts of ups and downs (similar to my experience reading Me Talk Pretty One Day, same author).

Reading the odd group of family and friends within the book also gives you an impression similar to what we all do, blogging about our own life, family, and friends. We openly share the hilarity, embarrassment, and glory of it all. I say that is just great. πŸ™‚

On the photo: Drinking tea (on a cup with a protruding nose) and reading books, I’m such an old lady, aren’t I? Β Fun fact: I don’t like cracking the spine of my books. If the book reached me new, it will look unread and unopened even when I have devoured its contents already. Crazy. πŸ™„

23 thoughts on “Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim Book Review: Life In A Parallel Universe

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  2. Hi! kudos on being able to some books off your reading list. I’ve long given up on my list and my unread books stare at me accusingly at all corners of our house. haha… i love reading witty essays about everyday life, i would have to look up this author (and probably add this book on my pile!)

    Nice pic too!


  3. natawa naman ako doon sa “if wit could cut!” haha! and may i ask how your read if the book will still look new after you read it? haha! may kilala din ako ganyan…she would open the book in the smallest way possible to read.

    • nakabukas din kg pero not to the point na magleleave ng crack sa spine. hindi ko din napansin na ganun pala ako until hiniram ng kapatid ko yung the perks of being a wallflower. akala daw niya nabasa ko na bakit bago pa. ayun narealize ko na oa pala ako sa spine ng books ko.

  4. oh my weekend was the opposite, i was busy. i did not touch my book, it actually disappeared from my nightstand. i suspect my hubs is tired of seeing it there not being read.

    i do have me talk pretty someday in my book shelf, another one of those that i haven’t read yet.

    i see now that i have to double my effort in reading or finding time and inspiration to read.

    • minsan nangyayari talaga yan eh no, nawawala na lang at bumabalik sa pinanggalingan nila, pag hindi kasi binabasa parang nakakalat lang πŸ˜† pero mababasa mo din yan, siguro dapat humanap ka ng book na sobrang gusto mo talaga mabasa para hindi mo talaga siya titigilan! πŸ™‚

    • it’s wit turned into paper. the photo was taken at the terrace upstairs, where don domeng’s plants are. the mug with the nose belongs to my sister. someone just gave it to her and i drank tea from it when she got it out of the box πŸ˜€

  5. i liked david sedaris. he’s funny. i had one of his books a few years ago, kaya lang di na sinauli ng ex-officemate ko.

    got your little trinket. akala ko nung una cellphone!!! LOL

    i loved stroking that cat.


    • pag mayaman na ko gb bibili kita ng cellphone kaya lang baka iphone 409 na yun πŸ˜† terno tayo niyan gb meron din ako niyan sa desk ko, ang cute no? dalin mo sa trabaho para pag stressed ka bumaba ang bp nyong dalawa πŸ™‚

  6. .. i use to love reading paperbacks – at para pa rin syang bago after nabasa ko na, pwede uli ibenta sa national bookstore! pareho yata yung rehab na pinanggalingan natin pm, haha!

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