Why Yours Is Mine And Mine Is… Mine




Buying mangoes this early is similar to buying engagement rings near June. But I don’t care. For one I did not pay for this, Mother Goose just gave it to me.

I think when the time comes, mangoes will be my downfall.  Case study: when I was in the hospital, I stole borrowed the mangoes the dietary provided for My Man and ate them all up hurriedly before someone sees me. The second time they sent mangoes, I ate most of it and gave a single piece to My Man. I don’t mean single piece as in half a cheek. I gave him one spoonful and ate everything up… again.


24 thoughts on “Why Yours Is Mine And Mine Is… Mine

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  3. .. meron kami indian mango tree (na ako ang nagtanim) sa maliit na bakuran namin, masipag sya mamunga pag panahon nila. i’m craving tuloy for ripe mangoes. 🙂

  4. apir PM. manhoe is my favorite fruit. when i was pregnant, i ate so many ripe mangoes. nung bata ako, i would sneak to the side of our house to eat small mangoes. ang dami ko nakakain.

    sana magmura na ang mangga!

    • apir kg! 🙂 nako matagal pa bago magmura ang mangoes. pero excited na ako kasi season na eh. parang pasko to eh, i look forward to it talaga.

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