Culinary Adventures In The Cardiovascular System

We Stand Alone Together


Like a ghost you were there

Distant, unfeeling, strange.

Not unlike in my dreams

Where you’d hold my hand,

Or kiss me,

And smile.

The years gone I hoped to mend things,

To put everything right,

In our silence… distance;

To make us forget… to make us whole.

But your eyes belie them all

And I lie still with guilt.

Hurt, uncertainty, shame… fear.

No words need be uttered

But I saw them all in you,

Reminding me of so much

I tried to forget – and thought I did –

Until now.

Maybe time heals all wounds.

But I know a lost cause…

For nothing can be taken back

Before the worst.

19 thoughts on “Culinary Adventures In The Cardiovascular System

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  2. Hello Princesa and thank you for your kind words on my blog. I really like this poem and I appreciate that you wanted my opinion but really you do not need validation from anybody else. This is from your heart, your creative essence and if you like it; that is good enough!

    That being said, I do really like it and will send a few more folks your way so you can hear what they have to say. Is that okay? Good!

    • thanks for your time tom, it’s not validation that i seek but a criticizer. not everyone appreciates or understands poetry, we both know that, so it is nice to share something to someone whom you know has the same passion that you do. alright then, thanks! πŸ™‚

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