How To Find The Perfect Match

Oh no, just when you think I have completely lost it, you have to wait another day. This post is not what you think it is and I do not care if it is February, the month of… the leap year. :mrgreen:

But I will talk about My Man. You see we have been together for a long time. I cannot tell you exactly how long because we do not have an anniversary.

This is also the reason why I cannot seem to get the right spelling of anniversary the first try. 😀 But I am guessing it has been about eight years, give or take a few months or so. Don’t ask me how it is done. I don’t know. You don’t do it. It just happens.

So, you might think we match perfectly given the longevity of the relationship. Well, I would like to think we match perfectly too but really, that is a far cry if you count the times we roll eyes at what the other is doing. He gets crazy. I get crazy. Roll eyes.

To illustrate our matching, let us talk about the food we like. You know, favorites. In this department, I can tell you that I… absolutely hate everything he enjoys eating. 😆

His favorite savory dish is tinola (a chicken dish with a spicy broth from siling labuyo or bird’s eye chili and ginger) and I cannot stand eating wet chicken. He likes strawberries, caramel, and cookies and cream. No. No. No. But I like champorado (a chocolate rice pudding, best eaten with tuyo, a salty dried fish, that creates a sweet-salty avalanche of sensation on your tongue you got to love it)… and he really hates it.

But we don’t mind. I guess you just have to take it as it is and buy your own lunch or snack sometimes. 😛

42 thoughts on “How To Find The Perfect Match

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  2. yay… same here. My wife prefers binagoongang baboy over roast turkey during Thanksgiving 🙂 Oh well, as long as you see eye to eye in bed who cares 😆

  3. reading this post made me recall the unforgettable statement of my geometry teacher back in my high school days. “relationship is more like angles in geometry, compatibility is of less value than being complementary.” years later, one of my favorite movies was shown and left a memorable line too, “you complete me.” in jerry mguire.

    having said so, it’s not important if you hate what your man loves to eat or enjoy. for as long as you complete each other, nothing else matters.

    ps : ang sarap naman ng champorado at tuyo! you had me craving, pm!

    • i don’t understand geometry doc, i suck at math :mrgreen: but you are right. does not matter if we like the food or not as long as we eat on the same table even with different foods and scoffing at the side of what the other is eating 😆 magpaluto ka na ng champorado at tuyo kay misis! 😀

  4. speaking of ‘match’ ., i always think about valentine’s day., coz it’s coming soon.,
    but walang Feb 14 saken 😦 hehe

    btw, i have a blog contest where you can win Sony PSP, P8,000, P3,000, P1000 etc., 🙂 Feel free to JOIN & care for an exchange link? refer to LINK Exchange section of my site

  5. i was inspired by this post. sobra! napasulat tuloy ako ng mga bagay na ayaw kong masyadong isulat. 🙂

    pero i am happy for you. totoo naman na walang perfect way para makita ang perfect match, aside from the fact that nothing is perfect, minsan, in relationships what is more important is that the two of you blend in spite of your differences.

    cool post, PM. thank you for this.

    • naka naman talaga orange 😀 i wish i can comment on blogger pero i still can’t 😥 salamat, salamat, tama ka diyan, ganun talaga. minsan nakakabuset minsan naman masaya 😆

  6. What a coincidence! I was craving for champorado last night… though i find it off to combine tuyo and champorado. and also a coincidence, I was watching Sharon Cuneta on youtube this morning serving champorado and tuyo to her kids. She explains that Filipinos love something sweet and salty 🙂

    • bata pa lang ako ganiyan na yung ginagawa ni mother goose. syempre gaya-gaya lang ako. masarap naman. nasubukan mo na ba? testing mo, oks nama siya 🙂

    • hindi naman namin napapansin eh, sa totoo lang, kaya siguro matagal na. ewan ko, basta pag gumigising kami sa umaga nadadagdagan lang yung araw ganun. pareho kasi kami ng prinsipyo. hindi naman mahalaga yung naipon na araw, ang mas importante yung pang araw-araw. bow.

    • sometimes we don’t understand each other, we just go with it, you know? i also forgot to mention that he eats everything, which got him food poisoned… twice.

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