The Leadership Wisdom Of Jesus Book Review: Practical Lessons Needed Today

The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus by C. Manz is Book number 8. It has been lying around the house for ages and I finally took to reading it a few days after the month opened. I was worried it would be one of those preachy, religious ass books but after devouring its crisp, wise, and highly relevant content, I think there would be a little less animosity in the world if The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus was required reading for all leaders, managers, and public servants.

It applied the ancient wisdom to modern organizations in a refreshing, clever, and human way. The “intention in exploring the leadership contained in Jesus’ teaching is to provide to a broad audience helpful insights that transcend race and religion.” It made a lot of sense. It was a narration of leadership and organization experience that was open and encouraging. The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus explored parables found in the Bible relating to leadership and dissected them for practical use in the modern world much needing sound governance to steer the world in the right direction.

What is brilliant about the book is that it points out the obvious most people miss and openly declares a mistake in the priorities that most leaders hold onto these days: power, wealth, control, and self-service. Manz points to humility, modeling, compassion, and belief among others as the hallmarks of effective leadership that makes a mark and blossoms in the long turn, not just for the leader, but also for the organization and its people. While reading this book, I could not help but muse, “Damn, how come those in the position to lead are clueless of this?!” I guess this is just one more reason why the world is as it is today.

The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus highlighted the self centered approach of leadership plaguing institutions today that leads them to death and it explained how love, faith, and forgiveness indeed have a place in the business world and those who laugh at its ridiculousness are those who exactly need it. It places its eggs on people and human relationships and how true growth for an organization can only be achieved through giving each other a chance to reach his maximum potential.

It is an eye opener for those with big logs on their eyes and an affirmation for others who are doing the right thing and therefore must keep on going. The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus contains more than nuggets of pure practical wisdom, it provides an endless stream that not just make something out of nothing, but great things out of anything. 🙂

On the photo: This copy of The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus belonged to Kuya, my Uncle. It is really cool because it is mangled and the pages have totally ripped off but it totally rocks – that’s character. 😀

6 thoughts on “The Leadership Wisdom Of Jesus Book Review: Practical Lessons Needed Today

  1. reading a good book is a luxury for me. i haven’t done any in ages.
    interesting title; however i don’t think i can find a copy in a predominantly muslim state. pero may mga bible din dito, let me see when i get a chance to go to the bookstore.

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