The Valentine’s Day That Almost Never Was

It was like a war broke out yesterday. There were tons of people outside and the restaurants were jam packed you had to box out others for a table. πŸ˜† Last year, my family and I went out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My Man was with us but really, the dinner was for my parents. My Man and I would like to think we are not big on Valentine’s Day. I mean, he usually gives me flowers but that is that. We do not expect the sky to open up or the sun to shine entirely for us.

Yesterday, I forgot it was Valentine’s Day. I only remembered when my Nan greeted me when I came down the stairs. But I forgot again when I started to work. Don’t get it wrong, My Man and I sent text messages the whole day but it just did not register. You see, My Man is in the Metro for work. We only see each other on weekends.

This is why I was surprised when my sister gave me a wonderful bouquet of roses late afternoon. 😯 I was drinking water then and taking a break from work. She said My Man asked her to get me flowers on Valentine’s Day because he won’t be around to give them to me himself. I almost choked! I truly did not expect anything and I guess that was what made it all the more special. I thought it was the sweetest thing. I really won’t talk about this normally but because I wanted to show him that I appreciate his effort, surprising me (last year he led me to find out my own flowers at the back seat of his car), here I am blabbing away like a high school girl. 😳 I even brought the flowers out when my family and I went out for dinner.

Thank you Babe. ILYVM. πŸ™‚

How about you, did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

PS. I still cannot comment on blogspot, damn! πŸ‘Ώ

34 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day That Almost Never Was

  1. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day! My boyfriend and I don’t usually celebrate this day but this year we decided to try out an Italian restaurant we’ve never eaten at before. There were lots of people carrying flowers but we clocked out of work early so we got first dibs on the tables, haha.

    • that’s nice. marami din sa kinainan namin na may bulaklak. mahirap nga din humanap ng table nun, buti na lang mabait yung waiter samin tapos nakascore kami ng table, madami pa naman kami.

  2. glad you had fun πŸ˜‰ One of the most embarassing moments of my life was when my wife sent me a Valentine’s basket at the office.. with flowers and chocolates a black stuffed bear that said I love you in his heart. Even my boss approached me and said…. err, you sure this is from your wife ? :mrgreen: I was so embarassed I drove to work one day and went home in the night so I could sneak out the basket with no one looking. I didn’t have the guts to bring it with me in the train πŸ˜‰ That was one of my wife’s craziest moments !

  3. kahapon, bumili ako ng isang bouquet ng roses at tsokolate para kay dude. tas sabi ko sa kaniya magdi-dinner date lang kami pero wala akong maibibigay na kung anuman gawa ng marami akong binayarang bills. ayun, nagtampururot papuntang resto. tas nung nakita niya β€˜yung bouquet at tsokolateng nakatago sa upuan niya, biglang lumiwanag ang muka. surprise kung surprise.

    hindi ko alam kung anong meron sa mga bulaklak kasi kung ako ang masusunod, di bale nang walang bulaklak basta may pizza at pasta. pero ayun nga, hindi naman ako babae kaya kung ano ang ikaliligaya ni dude, β€˜yun ang masusunod.

    pibalemtayms sa’yo, pm! XD

    • hindi ko akalain na may sweet bone ka din pala L πŸ™‚ ang cute naman ng drama mo kay dude πŸ™‚ surprise, surprise! alam mo naganap na din sakin yan, pero matagal na yun, parang 17 pa lang kami ni my man dati, nag emote din ako konti tapos surprise, surprise pala muka tuloy akong sira 😳

  4. Awww ! That is so sweet, PM. Lucky, lucky girl ! ! Although I feel everyday should be Valentine’s Day, it still tickles to get a bunch of flowers or maybe a special love note on this one special day, doesn’t it?

    Cheers ! !

    • nakakainis na yang blogspot na yan ha πŸ‘Ώ i saw your post. i think that is so cool! ang mahal nung picture parang yung sa cebu trip namin sa edge coaster at sky walk extreme! pero wala eh, kailangan natin ang proof na ginawa nga natin yun so no choice kundi magbayad πŸ˜†

  5. let’s say na noong 14, ay isa ako sa nagse-celebrate ng single awareness day. hahaha!

    but the good thing i was with Mr. Charlie Green that night sa Eastwood. wala makagala lang with friends.

    mabuhaty sa iyong romantikong mga sandali with your man!

  6. hi PM! ako i’m not really a fan of valentines, i don’t know why (even if i’m not single!). it’s just it doesn’t have its appeal for me. call me killjoy, but i really do not want to celebrate it! haha!

  7. hahaha, you found a keeper, so keep him.

    read my valentine’s post on blogger. and this would be the post script after that post:

    he gave a me a hand-made necklace made by African women and all the purchase is to benefit AIDS in Africa. he’s good with social justice and the like kaya nagka necklace tuloy ako. for a good cause kasi πŸ™‚

  8. .. andaming langgam! hehe. i cannot even remember when was the last time i celebrated valentines day with a special someone. yesterday was just a typical day for me at work (.. bitter lang?!). πŸ˜€

  9. Awww that’s very sweet. Ah to be young and in love hehe πŸ˜€

    Unfortunately I believe that V day is not part of my hubby’s extensive vocabulary so no celebration of any kind. LOL

    • ewan ko lang sa young, old love na to eh makunat na πŸ˜† ganun ba, baka everyday is valentine’s day para sa kaniya kaya ganun daph πŸ˜›

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