Where To Find Charlie St.Cloud: Attack Of Childhood Nostalgia

the clouds outside my window 🙂

When I was a kid, I decided I only wanted two things to do with my life: to eat clouds and to lie down on them all day. I’ve always enjoyed clouds. They seem to have a very laid back aura; something fun and bouncy. Growing up, my siblings and I would spend time looking at the clouds with Mother Goose, trying to make sense of their fluffy goodness by naming stuff that looked like their formation.

It was the ultimate creative exercise. How else can a random cloud be as grand as an ice cream castle, a fighter plane or an exotic elephant with a rider on top? Sometimes we would see Santa’s elves and friendly dragons too. The possibilities were endless and it was one of the coolest things ever! Even now, each time I would look up, it is very easy to spot something weird hanging on the sky – a giant basketball slash alien spaceship or a plate of spaghetti with clumps of meatballs maybe.

These clouds on the photo above were taken from our road trip yesterday. Don Domeng, Chicken Pi, and I went out of town. Chicken Pi is going to medicine school you see, and we wanted to go to the mall accompany her while she passed her requirements. These were the clouds that were outside my window and they certainly brought back a nice wave of childhood nostalgia… or hunger; for if I could only reach them, I swear I would’ve thrown them inside my mouth even if it’s illegal! 😀

PS. Last day to join my 4th year anniversary blog contest tomorrow my friends! Good luck and thank you to everyone who made the effort already. Watch out for the winners on Sunday, Feb. 26! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Where To Find Charlie St.Cloud: Attack Of Childhood Nostalgia

  1. same here.. when I was a little guy growing up in the province, I would lie down the grass and stare at the clouds, imagining what lies beyond it 🙂

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