Blackout Poetry: How To Handle Negative Criticism

When I was younger, I thought a lot but my ideas tended to be rash and conceited. I’d like to think what defines my growth is the zen I am now trying to embrace. It is not easy, mind you, for I am naturally easily prickly, impulsive, and ย scornful (not exactly my best qualities but we all have bends that need straightening up, don’t you agree?).

With these characteristics, you can imagine how I might have reacted to negative criticism. It was a two way road actually: sometimes I would take the negativity and use it for growth while other times I would smite the person who made the negativity first then use it for growth. I was a mouse trap before but now I am working to be a flaming C4 daily. Before I react as a reflex; now I react as necessary and always with stability and higher thinking, or at least I try to. It is not about being stoic or apathetic, but about being a filter of what matters and does not.

After that long self indulgent introduction, allow me to share my piece of blackout poetry. I took this from Proverbs 24-25. I just copied the words down because I could not bear blackout my Bible, I hope that is okay, addie? It follows the same theme as I have mentioned above. My friends, always remember that an idiot can be mistaken as wise if he only keeps his mouth shut. Negative criticisms, if they do not change the truth, never matter.

Speak Not With Your Mouth Full

(Or Life Is A Bitch, Learn To Fuck It)

Blackout Poetry


ย Thinking beyond the heights of the sky or

The depths of the ocean, take impurities out of opinion.

Learn and you will never live shame.

An idea well expressed is valuable, reliable, refreshing;

Like cold water in the heat of harvest time.

Control your anger – curses cannot hurt you…

Unless you deserve them.

They are like birds that fly by and never light. A fool

makes as much sense as tying a stone

to a sling; he is not as smart as he thinks.

Don’t believe…

Evil, hate, lies brings nothing but rain.


16 thoughts on “Blackout Poetry: How To Handle Negative Criticism

    • i don’t know kung saan ko nabasa ito pero i read that all of us are crazy and those who understand their craziness are called philosophers ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. comes at the right time, thanks.
    i’m still surprised how grade 1 problems resurface when we’ve become adults, life’s supposed to be simple, isnt it?

  2. Wow, such profound words you got pulled out from that proverb. I like that we have our own style in coming up with a blackout poem. On the other hand, why don’t you try using a marker to scratch out some words and see if you’d like it’s aesthetic version.

    You might like the entries here:

    Way to go, PM. With constant practice, we are sure to improve in no time. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Prickly, impulsive, and scornful. And I was so sure you weren’t a real cat. :p

    I have a question, and this is completely out of curiousity because I am as dumb as a mountain troll when it comes to poems, does it make a difference if the alignment of the text is centered or nasa right? Somehow changes how I read the poem kapag nasa right. Or maybe it’s just me.

    • ah eh meow? ๐Ÿ˜† para sakin aesthetic lang kaya nasa kanan. ewan ko pero pag hinayaan ko sa gitna feeling ko nakakalat tapos pag nasa kaliwa naman parang magulo at dahil isang pwesto na lang ang natitira eh di sa kanan ko nilagay. ayos!

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