Celebrating International Cat Day: Mini Cat And Mini Dog Way

The journal My Man gave me is really interesting. Yesterday, while making my entry, I flipped the page and saw a note on the calendar for March 1. It said it was International Cat Day. I thought, “That’s odd. Isn’t every day supposed to be International Cat Day?”

I looked it up online and there were varying days for this all important event. Some says it is March 1 while others say it is August 8. I am not really bothered. It is perfectly fine with me if there are two International Cat Day. As I have said, I thought it was supposed to be celebrated every day.

The lovely darlings on the photo are all our mini cats and mini dogs. I lost count how many grown animals we have (I swear living with Don Domeng and Mother Goose is like living with Noah). They live in our dirty kitchen. It is their thing. If you noticed, our mini cats and mini dogs do not fight. You see that is a cardinal rule in our house: no fighting. Mention the idiom fighting like cats and dogs in our house and the lovely darlings would look at you with the “WTF are you talking about?” way. They are really cool. Our big dogs fight with each other though. They are crazy. 🙄

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