There Are Little People Inside My Tummy: Weekend Grub

It is really funny how kids can believe anything you tell them. When Kulot was little, Ched told her she has to eat because there were little people inside her tummy and their food supply depends on her. The story goes like this: once she eats food, the little people will go out of their houses in their tiny tummy community and they will raise their hands up to catch all the food she consumes. Whatever she eats, they will have too. Kulot believed the story for the longest time and was even upset when she found out it was not true. :mrgreen: She also found out Santa Claus was not real because of a banana I placed inside her stocking one Christmas.

Anyhow, what I really wanted to show you was what I had for lunch earlier – some good weekend grub. I really planned on putting up something else but maybe I will post that another day within the week. For now, these are the stuff I fed the little people in my tummy. I did not eat much but it is my hope this would last them until dinner. My Man and I had a quiet lunch before he left for the Metro. I only see him on weekends. It really sucks, or partly sucks, I guess. 😆

I forgot the name of the soup, but it was full of shredded chicken so maybe it is chicken soup. The sizzling tofu was good as always – it is one of our favorite things (yes, we do agree on it so we have some sort of chance to be the perfect match). We had buko pandan for dessert, it was not stellar but yummy all the same. I really had a nice weekend. I hope you did too. 🙂

20 thoughts on “There Are Little People Inside My Tummy: Weekend Grub

  1. max is my family’s favorite restaurant 🙂 I like the idea that there are little people inside your tummy.. It doesn’t make you feel guilty na marami kang kinakain, instead you think you are doing a charitable act by feeding a lot people in your tummy 🙂

  2. natuwa ako dun sa story naalala ko tuloy yung maliliit na musicians sa loob ng radio 😀

    kung meron ngang maliliit n tao sa tiyan ko they will starve to death ..hahaha

    • alam mo may experiences din ako na ganyan. minsan may mga bagay pag kinain ko i can feel my heart stop for a sec sa sobrang decadent 😀

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