Shut Up And Take My Money: Thai Sounds… Crazy?

Ched, Miss Thailand, Chicken Pi trolling

I love hearing people speak in a foreign language. It is transporting and it reminds me that there is a whole different dimension out there – truly interesting. Our Thai friend came over for the weekend and we naturally fell into a translation conversation. You know, the usual this-is-how-we-say-it-here, how-do-you-say-it-there kind of thing. We tried to pick on animal sounds and I think Thai animals need to be tested for LSD. Here is why:

Pinoy Dog: “Aw! Aw! Aw!” vs. Thai Dog: “Hong! Hong! Hong!

Pinoy Frog: “Kokak! Kokak! Kokak!” vs. Thai Frog: “Op! Op! Op!”

Pinoy Bird: “Twit! Twit! Twit!” vs. Thai Bird: Chip! Chip! Chip!”

Pinoy Cow: “Maah! Maah! Maah!” vs. Thai Cow: “Morh! Morh! Morh!”

Pinoy Duck: “Kwak! Kwak! Kwak!” vs. “Thai Duck: “Kap! Kap! Kap!”

Pinoy Rooster: “Tiktilaok! Tiktilaok! Tiktilaok!” vs. Thai Rooster: Ekiekek! Ekiekek! Ekiekek!

Pinoy Gecko: “Tuko! Tuko! Tuko!” vs. Thai Gecko: “Tukeh! Tukeh! Tukeh!”

29 thoughts on “Shut Up And Take My Money: Thai Sounds… Crazy?

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  6. May nabasa ako about animal accents. A study conducted in London showed that animals can pick up an accent depending on their surrounding. Nakakahilo.

    • hindi ko din alam pano naging hong yun. i tried listening to our dogs pero hindi talaga hong eh! pero mas matindi yung tukeh sa palagay ko 😆

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