Retro Turn Table Record Player: 60’s Music, Nice To Meet You

60's turn table with my sister and my cousin

I’d give $100 to any kid who can identify a retro turn table record player. Heck, I think there are even many 20 year old’s today who do not even know what a turn table is! I don’t mean the stuff a club DJ uses right, I mean the real thing that started it all.

I really don’t know much about a turn table but I know what it is because I’ve seen it on a documentary on TV. But yesterday, I learned so much about it to the point of amusement. We saw my uncle, Tatang, and he showed us this really cool retro turn table – I mean the ancient kind that you can probably see on music museums already and it still works!

My other uncle, Kuya, explained that the turn table first appeared in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The first discs are called 45’s and it contains one or two songs, then later the bigger, long playing ones arrived and it contains around five or six songs. You cannot fast forward or rewind them – they just go!

What I think is fascinating about the turn table is that there is a whole process to hearing 50’s or 60’s music. First, you buy your record which is a huge round thing with these really nice covers and illustrations. Then you take it out and set it up on the turn table and you watch as the turn table works its thing. I can tell you I applauded when I saw the turn table lift its hand and change records! It was ultra cool! Lastly, you can hear that buzzing sound the needle makes before the lovely waft of the music fills the room next.

It is a big contradiction to how music is delivered today, like fast food. You go online and download tracks easily. I don’t think there are very many who still buys CDs. I know this is convenient but I think there is something special about processes where you make connections and had to wait before you get what you seek. I think there is something special there.

I was born way after the turn table and the oldest I got to was the time when cassette tapes are dying but I can tell you that the turn table really appeals to me because it is old school, perhaps slightly melancholic, and filled with an extra punch of character – really sweet.

23 thoughts on “Retro Turn Table Record Player: 60’s Music, Nice To Meet You

  1. tell me about it; i grew up with my family’s turntable and my dad’s collections of longplaying album of (are you ready for this?) imelda papin, eva eugenio, jackson 5, cristy something (forgot her surname), englebert whatever and so much more oldies!!! (oh yes, that song with lines, “kung liligaya ka sa piling ng iba was used to be played on a turntable! LOL!)

    and your last statement reminds me of voicetaping for our dad over a casette recorder to be sent to him in KSA.

    those were the years!

    • i have heard of those singers from the grownups in my family. those were the years talaga 😆 i think things like these bring up so much nostalgia 🙂

  2. hindi kami nagkaroon ng ganyan. pero yung lolo’t lola ko meron. though i never heard a single one play live. kasi nung makita ko ata yung turn table na yun e non-functional na. 😀

  3. So it’s called a turn table. My aha-moment! It looks fascinating in the picture but while I love vintage clothes, antiques and other vintage stuff never fail to scare the poop outta me.

    • there are some vintage and antique stuff that are really scary. it’s like they are alive. this on however is just cool so it’s okay. 🙂

  4. I’m old enough to know what a turn-table is. We had one. There are still other manufacturers who make a all in one (CD, record player, cassette player) player. The ones that they sell now (turntables) are really slick and expensive, but for those who collected vinyl (that’s what they called the records) this is a must buy.

  5. Meron din kaming ganyan dati nung bata pa ako. Pinapatugtog namin ung Carpenters hahaha! Sarap balik balikan and it’s true maririnig mo ung tunog ng gasgas ng needle. =)

    • i know the songs of the carpenters too kasi kinakanta din nila. it’s so interesting how we learn of these songs way older than us because of them. i love that buzzing sound of the needle, like it is building anticipation before the music plays. i think that rocks.

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