Magnum Ice Cream Madness: Seems Legit


I heard about Magnum a few days ago. I saw it on a TV commercial and it was mentioned by my cousin next. My sister told me it was all the rave these days. I’m not really a person to follow trends (I still don’t tweet like Denoy does) but the other day I was able to sample Magnum because my sister wanted to eat it (that’s her above grinning like a 12 year old). I just had a bite to see what this trend is all about.

Magnum is an ice cream bar coated by thick Belgian chocolate. I think it is the first premium ice cream stick I’ve heard of. It is available in a number of variants: classic, almond, chocolate truffle, mint, and mochaccino. It is pricier than most at Php 50 from Selecta  but I think it is well worth it. Sometimes you really have to pay for good food and this is one of those occasions. The Belgian chocolate coating is indulgent while the ice cream bar is rich and creamy. It gives you a luxurious feeling and with the heat these days, a cold Magnum is a nice treat.

I was able to sample the almond and chocolate truffle variants and I think I enjoyed the almond one better. The chocolate truffle is so rich and decadent I felt my heart stop for a moment! In all, Magnum is a cool instant break that you can reach for during the summer; just don’t eat loads because I’m guessing this is one calorie party too! 😀


47 thoughts on “Magnum Ice Cream Madness: Seems Legit

  1. here in cebu we just had almond, classic and chocolate truffle. I am so excited that they will introduce the mint soon.. yummy…

  2. oh, there are five variants pala? i thought only three hehe. i also tried almond and blogged about it. save for the belgian chocolate coating, it wasn’t really that good. but i do commend the marketing team for the attention their product had gotten.

    • i guess it is all about the belgian coating. it’s pretty suave. i think the other two just came out. heard the mint variant is nice.

  3. i should try that one too…hmm maybe next month when the magazine comes out bearing my running glory. hahaha. parang celebration treat hehe. it’s around P75 dito sa isla. hehe

  4. i love ice cream bars. since we have magnolia ice cream here, i’m pretty sure this would follow suit in appearing at our local/asian grocery stores soon. i can’t wait to taste it.

    • mahal nga eh no pero sulit naman. mother goose enjoyed it. she finished a whole bar! i won’t eat this one alone though. laging may kahati dapat kasi ang laki na ng tinaba ko eh! 😆

    • it is everywhere like crazy. may sticker pa yung stores na nagbebenta diba? it’s pricey pero tingin ko ayos lang. masarap naman kasi and compared to other ice cream brands na premium eh cheaper ito.

    • that’s terrible javes, you practically ripped your wallet! 😆 i did not buy my own magnum. selecta’s ice cream stick in queso flavor is the one i got. i bought three and i was teasing my sister than one of her magnum covers the price of the three other i bought.

  5. nakatikim na ako isa, hmm natamisan ako ng sobra or hindi gaano na-enjoy. paano ba naman yung mga kasama ko. pagkatapos akong pilitin na i-try, pinipilit naman akong kumain ng naglalakad. hehehe

    pero gusto ko i-try yung truffle. yung nakain natamisan ako ng sobra.

    • matamis yung truffle hoshi, super. ano ba yung nakain mo? ako kasi palagay ko kaya naenjoy ko kasi dalawang kagat lang ako. 😀 bakti ayaw mo ba kumain ng naglalakad?

      • oo mahilig ako sa ice cream pero mas gusto ko main sa cap at nakaupo. ang dahilan kasi dyan ay makalat akong kumain ng ice cream. imaginin mo ang isang bata na pahid ng cream sa pisngi at ilong… mga ganung effect. hehehe

    • it is really interesting how magnum has become like starbucks when people take a shot each time they indulge on it. i find that interesting, don’t you think so too?

      • yeah. mighty interesting. 🙂 maybe in psychology its our deep need to belong. 🙂 oh well.. imma be out there for curiosity. but maybe once the fad is over. hehehe. di ko pa nakita commercial nya. i wonder how they did that? mighty good marketing. im reading this book called “brand wash” how big companies use psychology to sell you stuff. 😛 hehehehe. 🙂 not finished yet. its a long oneeee. 🙂

          • they did the marketing by getting people with tons of twitter followers to endorse it. you know the likes of liz uy and raymond guitierrez. because they have a huge scope of followers, one mention and boom. i’m into marketing these days, obvious ba? that book sounds interesting. buzz me when you write a review so i can dig in tina.

    • try it nelle. the taste is really worth the price. i have note eaten a whole bar, just a couple of bites and that satisfied me. i think this is almost 300 calories and that means a lot of time on the treadmill! 😆

  6. I love Magnums! I used to eat them a lot in London, now that I am back in the USA for many years, I really miss them and I really wish that they were available over here too! 😦

    • this just hit our shores last month. i think the marketing strategy for this product is brilliant because it was an instant hit! i wish you can have your fix too, ah if only i can send them over to you!

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