Tours And Attractions: Bataan Beach Resorts For Best Day Travel

Bataan beach resorts are precious. They are a few hours away from the Metro, not as far as the beach resorts in Boracay, definitely more interesting than the ones in Zambales, but they are equally satisfying. The temperatures are rising so why not beat the heat with the best day travel to Bataan with the gang?

There are tons of places that you can go to and depending on your budget, there are many Bataan beach resorts to choose from to give you summer’s fill. Here is a short list of what Bataan beach resorts have to offer depending on your budget and game plan:

Bataan beach resort: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Budget: First Class

Description: Think Vigan but in the comforts of Bataan. This is a grand heritage village that takes you back to the glory of the Spanish era. Old houses from various parts of the country can be found here, preserved and restored to their full majesty. Old Filipino is the entire theme of this Bataan beach resort in Bagac. Hotel room prices range from almost Php 4,000 to a little over Php 7,000 while the antique houses play from Php 18,000 a night to Php 45,000. Day tour rates for the best day travel rings around Php 1200 per person.

Bataan beach resort: The Waterfront Beach Resort

Budget: Business Class

Description: This Bataan beach resort can be found on Morong and it boasts of family friendly fun. Swimming pools are available for the kids while the open sea offers a more exciting activity for the grownups. Day tour promos for the best day travel experience start from Php350. Accomodations range from Php 2,100 to Php 3,800 while dorm type beds can be taken at Php 1,500 per person.

Bataan beach resort: Fajardo’s Beach Resort

Budget: Economy

Description: Fajardo’s beach resort is a budget friendly place you can visit at the town of Bagac beside Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. If you want to enjoy the sun, sand, and water without ripping your pocket to bits, book a trip and call +639202198742 and look for Edna. There are no day tour packages but entrance fee starts at Php 40 only. You can choose from native cottages to air conditioned rooms that ranges from Php 1,500 to Php 3,500. Open huts are available for the best day travel feast too and they come at a cheap Php 500. Different from the first two Bataan beach resorts, Fajardo’s is a family run business so you can count on a more hospitable, more personal summer fun experience.

These Bataan beach resorts are great escapades for Luzon travel and you can count on it that they will please anybody seeking Luzon tourists spots. These Bataan beach resorts are fresh, interesting, and inviting so plan the best day travel today and enjoy the summer! I hope this post helps everyone!

64 thoughts on “Tours And Attractions: Bataan Beach Resorts For Best Day Travel

  1. san magandang magteambuilding ang team turquoise sa bataan that can accomodate 15-17persons….???thank you!!

  2. hi po! want to see bataan ASAP…wala lang, ur posts are so inviting. how much po kaya ibabudget namin if we want to see the old structures, the malinta tunnel, dambana…etc..thanks po! can u suggest an itinerary good for the weekend?

    • old structures as in corregidor? i think you have to have a bigger budget for that one since you have to rent a boat to get to the island. my friend said if there will be 10 of us we need 1000 each for a corregidor adventure. if you are going to corregidor, that may take an entire day. dambana is on the opposite end of the province. if you want to see it, maybe do it another day then hit the beaches. have fun!

  3. Nagre-research ako ng Bataan accomodation at eto ang nakita ko sa first page ng Google. Good job! Parang gusto ko nang i-text si Edna, sana yan pa din ang number nya.

  4. good day. would you recommend tha fajardo”s resort for kids? this sebreak sana. medyo madami kaming kasamang “bagets” kya we’re very careful in choosing resorts. do they allow if we bring our own food or they accept “paluto” para naman matikman namin ang lutong bataan? would really appreciate your tips. thanks in advance.

    • yes, families troop this place most times actually. but if you want a pool for the kids, there is no pool; just open sea. you can bring food or you can ask people there to cook for you, that’s perfectly fine. i hope you come and enjoy your stay 🙂

    • depends on where you want to stay and go. beaches are the bomb here and for a cheap treat you can check out the number listed above!

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  6. hi! thanks for this very informative item 🙂 planning to go somewhere this long weekend with family (5 adults 2 kids) but since it’s not that a big event…our budget’s tight 🙂 kids just wanna see the Dambana…but after reading this, me wanna stay overnight and feel the beach tho ’tis not summer hehehe. you think the 3rd beach place will do good already? how far is it from the cross? many thanks. and can you pls check for us if the cross has sched pala as mentioned by ms ayla…i worry now…appreciate for a reply PM! God bless…

    • yes, it’s good and affordable, particularly now that it is the low season. maybe it’s around 20 minutes far from the cross. just go all straight and once you see the friendship tower (there is a gas station to the right) turn left. sign boards are there already. idk the sched of the cross but if you are planning to have an overnight stay it should not be a problem since you can always go back. good luck and enjoy your vacation!

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  9. .. bakit ngayon ko lang nabasa ito, lol. madami ako na co-workers who hails from bataan, nagyayaya at maganda nga daw kasi dyan (pero ang totoo nun gusto nila inuman, haha.).

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  11. my colleague has just been to Las Casas over the weekend, and the way she made kwento about her trip made me want to go there, too, like right now na! lol 😉

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  13. ilang beses na rin akong nakapasyal sa mga beach resorts ng bataan. yun nga lang hindi kasing ganda gaya ng mga na-feature mong resorts/beaches. 😦

    • bataan is a very underrated place. the location is good plus accommodations that you can get are cheap and satisfying. wait till you hear of the food doc, really nice. i hope you can visit one day with the whole gang.

  14. I appreciate this information Princesa. I like the last place the best. The first one looks too wet, the second one has two dancers running around but the last one looks great and right on the beach.

  15. Even though the price is a little high I’d like to stay in the Las Casas. I love old homes. Is there no beach access to Las Casas? If you want to enjoy the beach during the day you have to go to Fajardo’s?

    • there is beach there and a pool too. las casas is really pricey but the old glam is worth it. if you have the budget for it, it will be a blast. mother and i are club members here and most times when we have guests we tour them around here because it is always a place to impress. 🙂

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