16 Most Delicious Food Enjoyed With A Lot Of Love

I was reading about Cafe Mary Grace in Serendra on Yummy magazine and it mentioned that the cafe’s ensaymada at tsokolate got featured in CNN’s list of 50 foods that define the Philippines. Have you seen this list? Going through it made me so happy I’m born Filipino – the government may be screwed but all the delicious food right at my fingertips make up for it.

Similarly, I’ve always wanted to post about an epic dinner we had as a family a couple of weekends back. My Mama Jasmin and Papa Marcial returned to the country for a short vacation (have you heard of their mega funny langka exchange? Don’t miss it! :lol:) and we had a sort of farewell dinner at Crown Royale Hotel in the city. We got a private KTV room (of course I did not sing, for the love of decency) and just feasted on good food.

There were 16 different plates on our table. I know it is nothing like the world’s 50 most delicious foods but it was just incredible! Β  But honestly, I can tell you that I only ate some mashed potatoes and the grilled prawns. Seeing all the food made my appetite pull back! It’s really crazy but that night was really so much fun for the entire family. I would not trade it for anything. Our photos are hilarious! I’m so glad I was there.

I think these kinds of moments are what make living special. We get to eat good food. We get to be with all the people we love. I mean, what more can you ask right? I might have gained around five months since the beginning of the month but I’m one damn lucky girl. πŸ™‚ Praise God.

23 thoughts on “16 Most Delicious Food Enjoyed With A Lot Of Love

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  2. 16 all in one meal? Obviously, Nelle and I can’t seem to fathom such an idea.
    Har! I love food but why doesn’t it seem to love me back?!

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