Good Breakfast: Simple Pancakes

This is what I ate this morning for breakfast: two pancakes with whipped cream and chocolate sauce plus hot chocolate with marshmallows. I cooked the pancakes myself. This may not be the most incredible cooking feat but those who know me are very well informed of my domestic inabilities. But I’m trying to learn so I made my breakfast this morning. It was a good breakfast too!

Actually, I did not intend to make my own good breakfast. My Nan was out so I had no choice but to feed myself. I opened the cupboards and found a box of Pillsbury pancakes. You know, the kind where you just add water, egg, and oil and you are good to go. I fried them up nicely with some Queensland butter. I really did not know what has gotten into me why I fried. I hate frying and I never fry because I’m afraid of the sputtering oil. I guess pancakes are alright because apart from I needed breakfast, they do not go crazy with hot oil.

Last year I tried making my own pancakes. The batter was really good and it was very easy to make. However, what did not work during my first attempt in cooking those pancakes was the frying bit. I was using the wrong the pan and the heat was too high. Plus I did not know when to turn them and how to tell if they are cooked.

But that is all behind me now because this morning I had a good and wonderful breakfast (never mind if it is too sweet) and I fried the pancakes all by myself so good job!

24 thoughts on “Good Breakfast: Simple Pancakes

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    • damn bakit kaya hindi makapag comment pag hindi logged in? ayaw ba pag finill up mo lang yung form? that is a scary story. maybe you should make your own or maybe get a girl to make one for you, naks!

  2. good job. i don’t like pancakes that much. if there are other choices for breakfast, i’d take those before pancake. i don’t know why, maybe because i haven’t had a really good pancake yet.

    • what i like about pancakes is that they are simple. flour, milk, egg, salt, few drops of oil. that’s it. plus it is not hard to eat and it is very light. i hope you get a good pancake soon so you fall in love with them too. what is your favorite breakfast food then?

    • agreed. in the past i don’t have breakfast but i think since 2010 i made it a point to have something in the morning to boost my metabolism.

  3. Looking good! You can get even braver and add things like apple sauce, blueberries, cinnamon, vanilla extract… and on to crepes, then Eggs Benedict!

    • crepes scare me because they are very thin – maybe too thin for me to manage! but it’ll be cool to accomplish something like that. but i bet it will takes tons of practice and many wasted crepes πŸ˜† i’m not great with eggs. i can’t fry them because they splatter!

  4. Parang ansarap mo maging Ate! Mygaaahd! I want to eat pancakes for breakfast din, yung ganyan, with mallows and lahat ng nakaka guilty kainin! Haha. Hindi ako marunong kasi humawak ng kawali. Baka mag sisisigaw lang ako. LOL

    • hindi din naman ako, trying hard lang. it was a very sweet breakfast pero okay lang siguro minsan lang naman eh :mrgreen: pag nagkita tayo ipagluluto din kita!

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