Day 01: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or Why I Hate The Hunger Games

I decided to participate in the lovely Tom Baker’s 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare blog event. At first, I was hesitant (the honesty bit is easy, the commitment 30 days requires, not so) but life is too short to not try things and if you are willing to support me then here we go:

Day 01:Β The one thing that it seems like everyone else on the planet is into but I just cannot stand is…

WTH what is it that the whole planet is into that I am also into? I suck at following trends, I really do. I wish I’m doing it on purpose, but I’m not. I always have the taste for the weird, the different, or maybe the extraordinary.

I really don’t know but in a way I’m glad because this guarantees I am living my life for me and on my own terms and not because I am trying to be a part of something else or to impress anyone by going with the crowd. I don’t like that. I don’t care if I end up the odd one out as long as it is my choice.

So to name a few things that the planet is into and where I’m out, let’s Β start with Twitter. A few weeks ago, I received an SMS from denoy late at night (at least for me :lol:) and he was asking why I was not on Twitter. He said he looked for me but nothing. Oh well, I’ll never join Twitter. Is that a bold claim or what? It’s just too mainstream for me. Besides I like WordPress and I’m too entwined with my blog to even consider running another online account.

Another is The Hunger Games. I may be stoned to death for this but… I have no interest in reading the book or watching the series. I see it everywhere and for sure you do too and it is remarkable how I am suffocated by it when I’m not even indulging on it! πŸ™„ Many times I stumble upon blog friends raving over it and I’m really glad they are enjoying something, but I find great relief in the fact that what other people enjoy does not always have to be the same as mine and it is okay. In fact, I think it is cool because we can always share something new and fresh with each other, don’t you agree?

65 thoughts on “Day 01: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or Why I Hate The Hunger Games

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  3. Oh, I know it sounds weird when I say to keep in touch with friends who are busy and far away.. I mean, there’s Facebook, there’s email and there’s the phone… But The only explanation I can give is this:

    My grandmother used to be amazed at my cousin and I. We go to the same school, hang out during the same breaks, ride the same carpool, live in the same compound, spend time, dinner and merienda together..but when she goes to her house and I go to mine, we call each other on the phone just laughing and talking… So I guess that pretty much explains why there’s Twitter, FB etc…….in my life πŸ˜€

  4. i love the hunger games series (book).. I haven’t seen the movie yet (not a big deal actually) and I won’t stone you to death because you said you don’t like it. Actually, I like being divergent as well (have you read the book Divergent? It’s pretty cool -though a bit cliched)

    Ah Twitter… before I was immersed in it… I still update now and then but I’m more focused on my wordpress blog… I just use twitter to update with friends who are either too busy or too far away πŸ˜€

    • i’ve not heard of divergent but i’d check it out. who wrote it? i’m too consumed with my WP blog too so i can’t take on a new online account.

  5. Hi! I haven’t read Hunger Games yet so I haven’t watched the movie yet. I’ve heard of the book back in college, but I never had a chance to read. I think I chose Twilight and Harry Potter over it. I’m so happy that someone has the tapang to say that they’re not like the rest of the world!? in making uso or is in interested in something. For that I salute you, hands down.

    Actually I feel the same way, since I just wrote on my Day 1 my annoyance with Selecta’s Magnum.

    • there are many in the circle of this blog event who have strong feelings for HG, as well as twitter. i also got that wonderful feeling of satisfaction knowing i’m not the only one.

  6. …i like the Hunger Games hehe. kaso medyo cheesy. hehe.
    parang twilight na biglang tumalino, maudgo at exciting. goodluck in your honesty challenge. hehe.
    btw, I’m into ‘a month without video games’, last year’s was ‘a month without coffee’
    so far its a struggle.

    • i’m glad you like it. i have nothing against people who like it les. i’ve never read twilight too. thank you, so far i think i’m doing okay in this challenge. good luck with your video game ban, just focus and you can do it!

      • i think you’ll like the book if only it had not taken the spotlight. perhaps in another decade or two mabasa mo at naway matuwa ka dun. hehe.
        …hahaha its really tough not playing video games, hehe pero at least i’d have time to do other things without that distraction (naku inamin na rin!).

        • maybe i will, idk, but it’s not like i’ve totally written it off like twitter. πŸ˜† i’m glad you get more things done minus the distraction, good for you.

  7. LOL! I had not heard of The Hunger Games until the movie came out. Twitter is not for everyone, I believe. πŸ˜‰

  8. I love twitter to death and so it’s always a bit weird when others don’t, but I can understand why. I hate feeling the need to open up a social media account just because everyone else has it. At that point it just becomes something else you have to update and that’s when things stop being fun. 😦

    I agree with you on the Hunger Games. I’m just not really into that genre as much anymore and the fans (especially the young ones) have the potential to be a bit crazy.

    • i guess as long as you do things because you want to there is no harm in that. let us just all take pride in everything that we enjoy and love and keep rocking. πŸ™‚

    • i love great books. i enjoy reading so much. but when everything starts to go crazy, that is the part that i do not appreciate as much.

  9. same here, i have made two accounts on twitter but all of them are dormant. If I have to join 30 days of blogging honesty.. i would say I don’t find Harry Potter interesting and i know a lot of people will stone me to death hehe.. But surprisingly I like Hunger Games. At first I don’t find the book cover or the synopsis or the movie trailer engaging. But when i watched the movie, I loved it.. that i plan to read the trilogy.. perhaps you’ll change how you feel towards Hunger Games πŸ™‚

    • maybe i will but not now. i enjoyed harry potter and i don’t feel the urge to smite you even if you don’t like it. you have the total right to dislike it. πŸ˜€ i hope you enjoy the trilogy once you read it but be warned, i read in another blog the ending of the trilogy is not so great. i wouldn’t know for sure though.

  10. Actually I opened a Twitter account pero I did not pursue of using it. Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit… pero hindi ko naapreciate ang twitter. Siguro kasi I’m fully occupied na sa FB, sa blog ko, YM and emails.

    About sa Hunger Games… pinanood ko to kahapon… Ok din ung movie, especially the lead actress (ganda!!!) pero regarding the game itself, parang hindi ko nagustuhan…. ganun na ba ang values ng mga tao sa mga districts with regards to valuing life and sacrificing a member of their community. Dun lang ako napaisip…

    By the way I want to join din sa Honesty blogging… =)

    • that is my point. because i’m occupied with other stuff, i cannot possibly add anymore to it or i’ll spontaneously combust. but i have a feeling i’d watch the huger games movie because of my man. you can join this event by buzzing up tom. the link is on the post pat.

    • my sister is into magnum. her photo on my blog even circulated on facebook with magnum haters. but i reported it to fb as copyright infringement so it got taken down.

  11. I’m always surprised to hear the Hunger Games on these lists, but I guess now that I think of it, there’s always some new book or series that is suffocating the airwaves. I worked at a bookstore for a while and for a good half a year it was the damn Game of Thrones. I refused to watch it or read it on principal alone. I commented a while ago on someone elses blog that they should try Harry Potter despite being turned sour by everyone else liking it. But I mean, thats hypocritical now that I think of it, I did the same thing with Game of Thrones. So, I can understand the hesitation and the annoyance. I’ll say at least it’s not Twilight anymore, because that’s over haha.

    Twitter is annoying, I have one, and I like it but it is really stupid – I have no defense for it.

    • i did not pick up on the game of thrones too. i see it on 9gag a lot though, even now. i read harry potter. not because it is popular but because of the story. i enjoyed it. twilight, books, never. twitter, never. πŸ˜€

  12. I’ll admit to having read The Hunger Games – I’m a sheep, I know – but I’ll stand strong with you against Twitter.

    • nothing wrong with reading hunger games. if you liked it then that is great! with twitter, idk, i’m just not into it. i don’t have anyone to stalk anyway. πŸ˜†

  13. cool! I admire people who likes to choose what they really want. queber na ang ratings. trending and flooding. what’s important kung saan at kanino ka masaya.

    mabuhay! kapanalig mo ako dyan. pero may twitter ako,

    at damang-dama ko ang presensya ni Dencio Noynoy Eusebio (joke lang to hehehe) sa Twitter kaya dun na lang ako multiply ulit at getglue. hohohoh

    • i have nothing against people with twitter. you can do what you want and i’ll do what i want. to each his own ika nga nila. πŸ™‚ si don denoy palagay ko madaming follower sa twitter yan! yung multiply hindi ko alam pano gumagana yun. πŸ˜† hindi ko kaya maraming online accounts, hindi ko mamaintain for sure.

  14. Oh, well.. once in my life I’ve said to myself I won’t ever be on Facebook.. but now, I couldn’t even get out of it. I mean, Facebook can be use to socialize as well as Twitter. All those have advantages and it really,really depends on someone on how they would deal with it.

    All the chaos it will cause, all the information that will be given out. It’s all up to you if how far would you like to be ‘socially’ open. πŸ™‚

    With hunger games though, I oppose on that. I love Liam, and I’ve always wanted to watch that movie which is the talk of the town. πŸ˜‰

    • i joined facebook pretty late and it is not even because i want to be social. i wanted to play the games. does that count? please do not misunderstand my dislike for hunger games. i do not like the hype, nothing against the content. i have not read it yet so how can i judge it? i’m just saying its popularity is a bit overwhelming to me. i’m glad you enjoy it though!

      • Lol, it’s your opinion about the Hunger Games. Though, I would say games on Facebook are one of the reasons why I also joined the site. I played cityville and tetris. Wanna bet on Tetris? Hehe. πŸ˜€

  15. once upon a time sinabi ko rin na di ako magtutwitter dahil dyan nagsisimula mga away.

    lo and behold, mas madalas pako magtwitter ngayon compared to blogging.

    But thankfully, in terms of kung ano yung finafollow ng mundo na di ko pa nararanasan… haven’t read or seen any of the Twilight films/books. That’s the one thing i’ll never get into.

    • bakit nga ba prone sa away ang twitter? i’ve only seen one twilight movie, yung more on jacob. second yata yun, idk. i have no interest in reading the books though. i had an ebook of the entire series but my sister said i would not stand it so i just never dared.

  16. hmm… can i join this one too?

    i find twitter interesting, i really have no idea how it works. all i know is that i need to make sure that messages needs to be short πŸ˜€

  17. .. i think i don’t have enough friends nor acquaintances and not that curious on meddling about on other people’s lives to be on twitter. πŸ™‚

    .. and, i’ve heard about people raving on this “hunger games” thing, but still, it did not get my attention kaya nakigaya na lang ako sa “magnum” craze at tinikman lahat ng flavor – mas masarap pa yung pinipig crunch na inaabangan ko yung tindero nung bata ako sa kanto dun sa amin.

    • apir rob! i missed you so. πŸ™‚ idk exactly why twitter does not appeal to me. i’m just not into it. with magnum, i have taken a couple bites off my sister’s and i have no desire to buy one for myself or eat it again. i enjoyed the belgian coating though, nice.

  18. yes, i get that you don’t like anything mainstream because i don’t like following trends, too. but if you;re hating The Hunger Games just because everybody is loving it and you see it everywhere to such extent that it annoys you and by those circumstances alone, w/o even reading the book yet you judge it, i think it’s sad that a good read has to be shunned just so one can demonstrate one’s hatred for anything mainstream. I mean, when you read a book and love it, it is not because everybody loves it, too. reading is a personal experience. it’s up to the reader how he/she takes the reading. I was expecting you were going to say something about the plot or maybe make a review about the whole capitol shenanigan and shallowness and saying something about why you hated the book for those but i didn’t find any. . . this is not to intentionally offend you, just an honest remark. a constructive criticism, you may call it. πŸ™‚

    • i don’t exactly hate the hunger games, i am just not picking it up. it is sad if you put it that way but to me it is okay. i like to let the craziness die first before i pick up anything. so you love this book then? good for you. i don’t plan on telling off other people who enjoyed the book. i respect your choice to read it, i express my choice not to read it. if it is a good book i’m sure i’d gravitate towards it… eventually.

  19. The Hunger Games were a good read in my eyes. I enjoyed the first movie as well (I’m a huge nail art fanatic and Effie Trinket’s manicures for the movie were TO DIE FOR), but I must say, I enjoyed the book for what it was, not for the hype. It was an okay read, and she did a terrible (terrible TERRIBLE) job ending the trilogy. To say that the end of Mockingjay is unsatisfying is the understatement of the year. The books were a good way to kill time though.

    Twitter sucks though, I agree. I only made an account back when I was 14 so I could stalk Lil Wayne’s (huge fan) twitter and tweet my undying love to him every day. Which, when you really step back and think about it, proves my point that Twitter sucks. I don’t see why people need to be given sound bytes of my day-to-day activities. Every single day. Nope.

    • i have not read it so maybe it is really a good book if everyone is going crazy for it. it just does not appeal to me as of the moment. maybe the reason why i don’t like twitter is i don’t have anyone to stalk in particular πŸ˜›

  20. It’s a good read actually and it’s ultra short. You can be done with it in a few minutes. Try to read HG and you will enjoy it as well. What I love about HG is that the author does not try hard to impress. It is very straight to the point and it does not use big words or try to use unnecessary figure of speeches. Red is red, and white is white – that is how I see the style of the author. It doesn’t try to be deep or try to romanticize the events that are unfolding in the book. Although I would appreciate it if the book was a lot longer, still, the book is a good read.

    The movie is awesome awesome as well!

    • unlike twitter which i swore i will never join, maybe i will read the hunger games once all the craziness has died down. but for now i’m not touching it. speaking of books, you should read the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon.

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